MINDZOOM SUBLIMINALSMindZoom, uses silent subliminal messaging (SSM) to  help you turbo Charge your Success.


MindZoom accomplishes this by flashing 3600 subliminal affirmations across your computer screen every hour (you don’t see the subliminal quotes but your subconscious mind does).  For the quickest results, it’s imperative to learn how to get these subliminal messages to bypass your Conscious Mind.


These same Subliminals are also coming through your speakers at the same time.  Once again, only your subconscious mind can hear them.


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the term, Subconscious Mind Power.  When you’re manifesting something into your life, it’s critical that you send your requests directly to your Subconscious Mind.  Only the Subconscious Mind has the ability to attract wealth & abundance.  To be successful at it, you need to know why it’s critical & how to do it.


Mind Zoom has a 8 week money-back guarantee.  You can even try, MindZoom for Free.


MindZoom Trasnsforms Your Mind For Success

Trust me, your Conscious Mind will try it’s hardest to convince you of the following:

  • You’ll never be able to accomplish something like that
  • You’ll probably be poor all your life
  • You’re never going to get ahead
  • Only the rich can can afford things like that
  • You’ll never lose the weight you want


These are just a few of the thousand of things it’ll try to stop.  This is what you’re up against by not bypassing the conscious mind.  Mind Zoom talks directly to your Subconscious Mind.  You have nothing standing in the way of your success.  Don’t let your Conscious Mind interfere.


Do Subliminal Messages Work

SubliminalSubliminal Therapy or Subliminal perception started back in the 1900″s.  The subliminal messages that flash across your screen are actually commanding your brain to accomplish it.


Subliminal Messages are able to bypass the Conscious Mind because it’s unable to see or hear them.  The manifestation process then accelerates as there’s no obstacles in its way.


Any suggestion to a person at an inaudible or invisible level goes directly to the Subconscious mind.  It’s your Subconscious Mind that has the knowledge you need to make your dreams happen.


In other words, MindZoom’s Silent Subliminal Messages or SSM is talking directly to your Subconscious Mind.  Their subliminal software also has Binaural Beats embedded into it.  This helps to improve your brains receptiveness to the messages.  You’re actually training your brain without even trying.


Benefits of Talking Directly to your Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind always believes what it’s told.  It accepts the affirmations without questioning them.  To make a long story short, you can get anything you want by learning how to bypass your Conscious Mind.  It’s a matter of mind over matter.

Talking directly to your subconscious mind will help you with the following:

  • Obtain what I call, Computer Memory
  • Reach your goals in record breaking time
  • Get rid of Addictions & Bad Habits
  • Learn 5 times faster
  • Watch your fears disappear
  • Improve your health (did you know that Psychosomatic diseases are brought on by your own mind?)
  • Improve your Social Skills
  • Increase your aptitudes & physical abilities

These are just a few.



how much time for mindzoomMindZoom does all the work for you.  All you have to do is turn it on when you’re at your computer.  You can even burn it to a CD, download it to your mp3 player or even set the program up on four different computers.

Your upgrades are free which is a big bonus compared to other products.

Click, Turbo Charge my Subconscious Mind, to turn your dreams into reality as quickly as possible.

How to Program MindZoom’s  SSM’s

  1. Download the program
  2. Pick the affirmations you want  (you can either pick the preloaded ones or add, edit or delete any of them)
  3. Choose the music you want or download your own into their data base
  4. Select the font size & color
  5. Set the frequency rate the affirmations will flash across your screen.  You can choose from 180 Affirmations per hour up to 3600 per hour
  6. Choose where you want the Affirmations to run on the screen (remember, only your Subconscious Mind can see them)
  7. Test the SSM (silent subliminal subliminal messaging) to make sure your text-to-speech synthesis is working properly.


MindZoom’s Job:

  1. Takes the affirmations you picked & turns them into text
  2. Will translate the Affirmations you picked into speech (remember only your Subcoscious Mind can hear them)
  3.  Embeds Binaural Beats into the music you picked to improve your brain’s receptiveness to the messages it sees & hears
  4. Loops the visual & audio affirmations so they keep repeating themselves.

To deliver you the best sound quality, MindZoom uses 44.1 Khz, 16 bit sampling (audio CD quality)  Did you know we only use a fraction of our mind?  MindZoom helps to break down the barriers that hinder us from accomplishing our goals in record breaking time.


Add a little bit of body textWhat you think, say or joke about is what your Subconscious Mind starts attracting.  It can’t tell the difference between fact, fiction or joke. Let your Subconscious Mind lead you to the resources you’ll need, the right people, or even to be at the right place at the right time.  The faster you get what you want, the sooner you can work towards turning another one of your dreams into reality.






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