OMHARMONICS, or some people call it OmLife, was created to teach you how to meditate the right way.


Meditation done properly puts an end to the things that interfere with your success.


I have Omharmonics by Mindvalley.  You can get my personal OmHarmonics Review at the end of this article.




Omharmonics is a Meditation Program to help accelerate your success.  It accomplishes this by helping you stay focused & motivated.


To help you focus, Mind Valley incorporated Theta Binaural Beats, Alpha Brain Waves and calming music into their meditation cd’s & MP3.  Using these sounds to meditate will help you stay focused on your goal.  I guess you could describe it as Brainwave Therapy in a box.




What is meditation for?  Omharmonics Meditation Technology will help you stop the following 4 things.  These are the things that subconsciously prevent people from getting ahead in life.


1. Stop Mind chatter.

Some people call it, mental chatter.  I prefer to call it Mind Chatter.  Either way, it’s what a person is thinking about.  What’s going on in your mind right now? Are you angry at someone or something? Are many of your thoughts negative?


Keep in mind, what you’re thinking about, you’ll start to attract more of into your life.  I’ll give you an example.  Have you ever thought, “I’ll never be able to afford that.”  Do you really want to attract more financial problems into your life so you can’t afford to buy the things you want when you want?


Om Meditation Music will help put an end this mind chatter.


2. Stop Procrastinating.

Why do you procrastinate? Is it because you honestly don’t know what to do?  Maybe it’s just too overwhelming for you so you quit trying.  Om Harmonics will help increase your motivational level, put an end to procrastination & help give you the confidence you need to succeed.


3. Constant Negative Thought Patterns

Does everything just seem to go wrong in your life?  Do you find yourself complaining to others about your bad luck? Do you sometimes think, why try, it probably won’t work anyways.  Omharmonics will help turn you from a pessimistic person to a person that’s optimistic.


4. Remove Bad Luck

Watch yourself for the next few days. Keep track of all the things you think & say. Are most of them negative? Remember, whatever you think & say you’ll attract more of into your life.  Do you really want more of those negative things your thinking & talking about?


In other words, you could be guilty of being the one that’s attracting this so called “Bad Luck” into your life.


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Meditation has so many benefits that most people don’t even realize.


With Omharmonics, their meditation Music will help you advance to a Monk-Like Meditative state in minutes.  This Monk-Like state will help you accomplish the following:


  • Develop an unbreakable magnetic attraction towards success & wealth.
  • Receive waves of epiphanies & help you to develop your intuition
  • Enhance your learning ability
  • Help you to remain focused on your dreams.
  • Produce free-flowing inspiration & creativity to help you with problem solving & to perform better at whatever you’re working on
  • Improve your HEALTH with better mind body connection.
  • Melt away stress so you can be more productive & successful




Omharmonics is not a scam & here’s why.


Omharmonics, by Vishen Lakhiani, at Mindvalley uses cutting edge Audio Technology. It aligns your current brainwaves & puts a stop to your mental chatter, restlessness or your inability to stay focused. It uses:


1.  Multivariate resonance technology which activates, balances & stimulates your Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Intelligence.


2.  Its Audio contains Alpha & Theta brainwave ranges


3.  Omharmonics binaural beats are used.  These beats have been scientifically proven to produce positive brainwave patterns like focusing, creativity & enhanced learning.


There’s nothing for you to learn or learn to overcome. You just press play, relax & listen for 15-30 minutes. Omharmonics does the rest.


In my opinion only, nothing is FOOLPROOF.  OmHarmonics WILL WORK if you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.  How do I know?  I’ve tried it myself & yes I do incorporate meditation into my daily life.  Like I said,  it does work if you follow the instructions. 


Do try it out first. Download a free sample of Omharmonics




What is Included In The Manifestatio ProgramYou can either purchase the digital download, the actual CD or both. What you get is, 5 different sessions.


Depending on how much free time you have, you can choose the 15 or 30 minute version. You’ll also have to pick the session that deals with the area of your life you want to improve.


1. Awakening

Gives you energy that lasts throughout the day. It helps you to have less wasted days.

2. The Focus

Gives you clarity & focus. It helps stop brain fog & focus on what you want to accomplish. The more you focus on your goal, the more your determination level increases & the more success you have.

3. The Spark

Gives you a shot of inspiration & creativity. It’ll expand your mind so you’re able to quickly come up with great ideas.  It’ll help you absorb & retain what you learn.

4. The Balance

Helps you to relax & gives you monk-like calmness. It’ll help give you personal epiphanies & melt away your worry & stress.

5. The Deep Rest

Helps you to get deep, natural & uninterrupted sleep.

You do need a multimedia player like an iPod, iPad, Android or your computer. You’ll also need a set of headphones. Because each session has two different versions, you’ll have to choose between the 15 minute version or the 30 minute one.



I have problems when it comes to staying focused with meditation programs.  It’s not long before my mind wonders off thinking about other things. I’ve even fallen asleep half way through.


With Omharmonics, I don’t do either.  The music helps me to focus & stay focused without drifting off.


What I like about this meditation program is that I can pick what I want to meditate on each day. Some days I need a little extra boost in one particular area of my life but not others.


Also, the amount of time needed each day fits into my schedule. On a busy day, I  listen for 15 minutes. On the weekends, when I have more time, I use the 30 minute session.


I hope you’ve received enough information from my Omharmonics Mediation Review to make an informed decision.  Try the FREE Omharmonics Download, from to see what you think.


Click, Omharmonics Meditation MP3.

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