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Winning The Game Of MoneyThis is my 5th week or Level 5 of Winning The Game Of Money From John Assaraf.


If you haven’t read about my progress for levels 1-4, you can click the button below.



Following me on my journey with NeuroGym & Winning The Game Of Money will give you a good idea if it’s something that would benefit you.



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1. Winning The Game Of Money Week 5 Review
2. Week 6 Review
3. Week 7 Review
4. Week 8 Review

With NeuroGym From John Assaraf Level 5



LEVEL 5: Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming #1



  1. Knowledge & Skills Video: Priming Your Brain For Financial Success: 22 minutes
  2. Audio (Innercise): 40 minutes
  3. Total Time Needed: 1st day – 1 hour & 17 minutes. I added on an extra 15 minutes to give you time to write out a descriptive visualization of what your goals are.
  4. 2nd-7th Day: 45 minutes. 40 minutes is for the audio & 5 minutes are spent visualizing & emotionalizing your goals.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO: The video was all about priming your brain. Priming your brain is getting it to automatically focus on your goals & not on what it’s been conditioned to focus on (everything but your goals or negative things)


In level 5, Mr. Assaraf suggests writing down a detailed list of your goals. This list is what you’ll be using to visualize & emotionalize on each day. He also suggested to make a vision board of these goals. John suggested to pretend you’re an actress or actor living the dreams you wrote down. This is just one of the ways he suggests to prime your brain.




  1. Watch the knowledge & skills video
  2. Listen to the Innercise audio once a day
  3. Find pictures that represent the life you want & use them to create a vision board. Use them as a daily visual reminder of what you want to achieve.
  4. Participate in the Neurogym Achievers Community on Facebook.


winning the game of money bonus


BONUS: The Bonus that was unlocked this week was, In Depth Personality, Strengths and Success Profile Assessment


This is a quiz. It took me about 30 minutes to complete. The whole point of it was to help you gain a deep insight into the following:


  1. What your natural talents are
  2. What your skills are
  3. Your Values
  4. Your Strengths


It was also to help you learn how to use them to achieve maximum performance. You can read what I thought of the bonus below.



Yes, again I stuck with the program each day. I have to confess that I really didn’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. I really enjoyed the Knowledge & Skills Video. So far it’s been my favorite. In fact, I watched it about 3 times. The important thing about this video was to not just visualize your dreams. You have to emotionalize them. He gave a few really good tips to help you with this.


I know you’re probably wondering if my finances have increased. Well, the answer is no. What good did the program do me this week? I’ll have to admit, I’m actually amazed at how good I’ve become at focusing (instead of procrastinating) on my goals. I’ve come up with a couple of great ideas for obtaining my goals. I set my goal date for August 5, 2017. I’ve also stumbled upon a couple of people who have given me some pretty good advice. My motivational level has increased immensely. Usually by now it would be a real chore to stick with the program.


BONUS- GOOD POINTS: Now for the Bonus. The report I got back was very detailed. In fact, it was 77 pages long. What I liked about it was that they were very good at explaining how they make the assessment. In most areas, I found it to be very accurate of the type of person I am. There were some parts I didn’t agree with. It’ll take me some time to go through the entire report. It does show you where your strengths & weaknesses are. All in all, I was impressed with this bonus. To tell you the truth, this was the first bonus I was impressed with.

BONUS – NEGATIVE POINTS: I did find it a bit hard to read & follow. 77 pages is a lot of reading. It doesn’t tell you how you can improve in certain areas. At least you know where your life needs improvement.


WHAT IMPRESSED ME: I’m totally shocked at how much time John Assaraf spends on mentoring people. I mean, he’s on face book every day. Quite often he has a short little motivational video for you to watch. He even popped in this week with a surprise Q&A period. I’ve never seen a mentor do that before.



Winning The Game of Money Level 6



LEVEL – 6 AUDIO: Being Creative

LEVEL 6 KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO: The 9 Environments of Success




  1. Knowledge & Skills Video: 31 minutes
  2. Audio (Innercise): 33 minutes
  3. Total Time Needed: 1st day – 1 hour & 20 minutes
  4. 2nd -7th day: 43 minutes




Mr. Assaraf had Jim Bunch talk about the 9 environments connected to your life. These environments either propel you towards your goals or hold you back. Jim explained how all 9 of these environments are connected. When you upgrade one it’ll improve the other areas of your life as well.


By improving these environments we’re improving what he calls our outer game. The audio sessions are to improve our inner game. Mr Assaraf explains the importance of improving both inner & outer games for maximum financial success




  • Watch the knowledge & sills video
  • Listen to the innercise audio once a day
  • Take inventory of your 9 environments and upgrade them for ULTIMATE SUCCESS
  • Write down a few words every day about the life you want to live. Each word you write is helping you to increase your creativity and your ability to create new wealth.
  • Observe what you create each day.
  • Participate in the Facebook community


WTGOM Level 6 Bonus


BONUS: The bonus that was unlocked this week was the Ebook: Recharge with Heidi Hann. The book is 176 pages & talks about 5 simple shifts you can make to re-energize your daily life. The 4 chapters are listed below:


  1. Running On Empty
  2. Personal Energy Planning
  3. Recovery Rituals
  4. A Recharge Revolution Conclusion: Judy’s Story


This bonus I was really impressed with. It sure beats some of the other bonuses. She starts the book out by talking about being sick & tired of being sick & tired. That’s one thing I can really relate too. I’m sure most of you can too. That’s unless you’re some kind of super person who constantly has a ton of energy & never gets worn out.


I liked the fact that she explained why we feel the way we do without using some big long technical words that no one understands. She talks about depression, being burned out or stressed out & what to do about it. She had some pretty good points that I’m going to incorporate into my life.


Winning The Game Of Money


Yes, I sure did stick with the program every day. Actually, I’m pretty proud of myself that I didn’t miss a day. There were some days that were pretty hectic for me. The days that I didn’t think I would have time for, Winning The Game Of Money, I just canceled one of the other things that I had planned for that day.


I’ll have to admit, Face Book really isn’t my favorite social media outlet. I think I was on it about 3 times this week. It does give you a lot of encouragement. John Assaraf will quite often do surprise visits for extra motivation. I do love his surprise visits.


As for the Knowledge & Skills video, I did clean up some of the 9 environments Jim Bunch talked about. I was surprised at how much that helped. I honestly thought it would be a waste of my time.


I’m definitely happy the innercise audio was only 30 minutes instead of 40. I’m really not sure why those 10 minutes make such a big difference in my life. To me, 40 minutes just seems like it’s taking forever. They are relaxing to listen too. I wish I had the time to listen to them twice a day. That’s the 30-minute ones.


I honestly couldn’t see any kind of difference in my life from last week. I realize there can’t be a big improvement every week. What surprises me is that I’m still motivated at reaching my goals & work on them every day. Usually by now I would have quit or went back to procrastinating. Procrastinating is just another way of saying I’ll do it later & never getting back to it.


NeuroGym Winning The Game Of Money

Winning The Game Of Money Level 7



LEVEL – 7 AUDIO: Releasing Your Stories & Excuses

LEVEL 7 KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO: Achieving You Financial Goals (pt 1 of 3)




  1. Knowledge & Skills Video: 11 min
  2. Audio (Innercise): 22 minutes
  3. Total Time Needed: 1st day – 60 minutes. This first day will take longer as you have a G.O.O.P form to fill out which will help you to achieve your goals.
  4. 2nd -7th day: 33 minutes




This level is about the thoughts, stories & excuses you tell yourself. This is what’s preventing you from achieving your financial goals and dreams. Mr. Assaraf explains how to release these stories & excuses to create a new story


John Assaraf also talked about using the G.O.O.P process to help get rid of the things that stop you from obtaining financial success. The G.O.O.P process also helps you plan for future financial success.


G = Goals

O = Outcome

O = Obstacles

P = Plan


John provides you with a Worksheet to fill out. I’ll have to admit, I’m really impressed with Level 7. You can read what I thought of this level below. I go into more detail there.




  • Watch the knowledge & skills video
  • Listen to the innercise audio once a day
  • Go to the additional resources & follow the steps to fill out your G.O.O.P
  • Participate in the Facebook community


wtgof bonus level 7

BONUS: The bonus that was unlocked this week was: How To Get More Done In Less Time. The bonus contains 4 videos with instructions on what to do.


Video 1: Creating Your Goals , Plans, Strategies Tactics & Timelines.


Video 2: Choosing Your Highest Income & Highest Impact Activities


Video 3: Getting Aligned Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally & Physically.


Video 4: Developing Your New Empowering Habits


You also get a workbook to fill out.



Once again, I followed the program step-by-step. When it comes to my goals, I can’t believe how focused I am. That’s one area of my life that I’ve always had problems with. Ideas just seem to be coming to me all the time. My motivational level increases every week. My procrastination is almost nonexistent. So far, Winning The Game Of Money has really improved my life.


WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I’ll have to admit, I really didn’t feel like filling out the G.O.O.P Worksheet John provided me with. First off, you had to write down your goal. Then you had to list the obstacles that would probably get in your way. Once that was finished, you had to write down a plan of action to take if you were actually faced with the obstacle. You’re also required to write down 3 things that you’re going to accomplish that day. Then you have to give a reason why it’s possible for you to accomplish it. I really dislike doing things like that. I did manage to get it done. As for the audio, he more or less just told you a story. It was the first audio that I didn’t see the purpose in.


I don’t think I’ll continue with the G.O.O.P plan next week. It just takes too much time. Every night before I go to bed, I’ll write down 3 things I want to accomplish the next day towards my goal. If anything comes up, it’ll just have to be canceled if I’m not finished.


WHAT I LIKED: I did like the fact that the audio was only 22 minutes long. I’m doing really well since I set up my long term goals, my six-month goals, my 3-month goals, & my everyday goals. The more you work towards your goals the sooner success comes. John Assaraf’s instructions on how to set up your goals & follow them helped me a lot more than I thought it would.


NeuroGym Winning The Game Of Money

Winning The Game Of Money Level 8



LEVEL – 8 AUDIO: Releasing Your Stories & Excuses

LEVEL 8 KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO: Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #2




  1. Knowledge & Skills Video: 18 min
  2. Audio (Innercise): 40 minutes
  3. Total Time Needed: 1st day – 90 minutes. This first day takes longer as you have worksheets to fill out.
  4. 2nd -7th day: 40 minutes




In Level 8 of Winning The Game of Money, Mr. Assaraf talks about three steps to take to maximize your personal effectiveness. He helps you to evaluate what skills you have, what your strengths are & what weaknesses you have.


Once again, he stressed the importance of writing down your goals. That’s short term & long term. Short term meaning a day, a month or 3 months. Your long term goals can be 3, 6 or 12 months. If you do decide to take, Winning The Game of Money, make sure you do this. It has been really helpful for me.


I made my short term goal my daily, weekly & monthly plans. It really helps you to stay focused & on track. The more you keep on track, the quicker you see success. It definitely cuts down on your procrastination time.


You get John’s Worksheets to help you do the above. I’ll give you an example of one of the things he has you do. You have to fill out a sheet of everything you do in a day or a week. Beside each one, you mark it with either Love it, Tolerate It or Hate it. Besides that, you write down a plan of action which includes, Do It, Delegate It or Drop It.




  • Watch the knowledge & skills video
  • Listen to the Innercise audio once a day
  • Go to the additional resources & fill out the workbook
  • Participate in the Facebook community


WTGOM bonus level 8

BONUS: The bonus that was unlocked this week was: Five Pillars To Financial Success.


This bonus is to help you with the mindset, strategies, and tactics you need to earn more money. Its purpose is to help you plan, manage & protect your wealth.


1st Pillar: Repair & Recovery

2nd Pillar: Earn

3rd Pillar: Manage

4th Pillar: Invest

5th Pillar: Protect


Each of the pillars above has a video explaining how to accomplish them.


Winning The Game Of Money


I had another week where I followed, Winning The Game of Money, step by step.


WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: This week has been a long one. It takes quite some time to fill out the worksheets. The brain entrainment (Innercise) audio was 40 minutes long. I find it quite hard to find 40 minutes where I won’t be interrupted. I guess when you want something bad enough you’ll make of find time for it.


WHAT I LIKED: I’ll have to admit that the Brain Retraining Audios are so relaxing. The worksheet is very helpful in planning for your financial success.


I was impressed with this week’s Bonus, The Five Pillars to success. Mr. Assaraf gave a lot of good advice & useful information on how to accomplish each of the pillars for maximum success. Some of it I already knew (just common sense as far as I’m concerned). There was a lot that I didn’t know & I’m sure will help me a lot on my road to financial successful.


I’ve decided to put my Level 9 review on a different page. This page is getting a little long. To get my next review just click, Level 9 Review.








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