3 DIY Steps To The Law Of Attraction

Three Do It Yourself Steps To The LOATHE LAW OF ATTRACTION


To Turbo Charge getting what you want, follow my 3 DIY Steps To The Law Of Attraction.


All 3 steps can be accomplished by you, for FREE, without having to purchase a high priced law of attraction course.  I’ll explain how to do each step a little later.


For people who want the right answer to, What Is Law Of Attraction, I’ll simplify it for you.  The law of attraction is getting all the things you want in life by taking the right steps.  What is the secret to the law of attraction?  The secret is knowing what steps to take, how to do them & when.


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1. Eliminate Before You Start My How To Law Of Attraction Steps
2. Law Of Attraction Secret #1
3. Law Of Attraction Secret #2
4. Law Of Attraction Secret #3
5. My Personal Law Of Attraction Tips




Whatever you’re trying to learn, you need the How To’s, to be successful.


I’m sure you want to accelerate the time it takes to get the things you want.  Does it seem like it takes forever to manifest one little thing?  If that’s the case, I know one of the things that could be holding you back.


Believe it or not, the things you think or say out loud will either excel or slow down your success. What are you thinking right now?  If you’re thinking, “What a bunch of crap this is,”  answer a question for me.  What have you manifested into your life lately?  How long did it take?


Your subconscious mind plays a major role in your success.  I heard a story once.  Maybe you’ve heard it too.  A man was dying from a disease.  The doctor said there was a new pill that just came out & it would cure what he had.  The pill had nothing in it.  The man so believed this pill was going to cure him, that it actually did.


Some people call it mind over matter.  It’s your subconscious mind at work.  If you can get your subconscious mind to believe something, it’ll do a lot of the work for you.  It’ll attract whatever you need to accomplish your dream.  On the other hand, if you keep thinking & saying negative things, your subconscious mind will attract that instead. It attracts what it hears you think & say.


So the thing NOT TO DO when you’re trying to manifest something into your life, using the law of attraction, is not to THINK & SAY NEGATIVE THINGS.  Every time you think or say something that’s negative, ask yourself if that’s what you want to attract into your life.


Now it’s on to my, 3 DIY Steps To The Law Of Attraction.


Law Of Attraction Secret






Steps For VisualizationHow To Visualization is the first secret to the law of attraction.  The last thing you want when it comes to manifestation is to learn everything by trial & error.  It’s a lot easier if someone just gives you the How To’s.


Let’s start with, what is visualization?  Visualization is seeing your dream using all 5 senses.  You need to see it, hear it, feel it, taste it & smell it.  Visualization is being able to see every little detail of your dream.


Visualize what your want.  If you’re new to manifesting with the law of attraction, start by picking one thing.  I usually write everything down on a piece of paper.  Don’t mind me; I just have this thing for writing things on paper.


It’s imperative that you learn how to visualize.  The steps for visualization is pretty simple.  Time to use imagination power.  Write down the answers to the following questions.  Just as an example, let’s say you want a new house.  Do try writing your answers down on paper.  It’s a good visible reminder of what you want to manifest into your life.


 What Is It You Want Right Now?
 What Color Is It?
 What Does It Feel Like? Is it rough or smooth? Is it slippery? I think you get my drift.
 What does it smell like?  Ok, if it’s a house you want, you can’t really smell it or can you?  When you walk into this new house, can you smell the flowers you might have in it?  Maybe you can still smell the paint a bit
 What does it sound like?  If you really try, you’ll be able to hear your new house.  Maybe you can hear your favorite music playing.  Maybe there’s a window open & you can hear the ocean
 What does it taste like?  Time to use imagination power again.  It’s kind of impossible to actually taste the house.  Let’s say when you walk into your house for the fist time, you’re holding a cup of your favorite coffee.  What does it taste like as you walk around to look at everything? Maybe your realtor left a box of chocolates on your counter.  What do they taste like?



Before you start thinking visualization is a bunch or crap or that it doesn’t work, keep reading.  Let’s use our imagination again.  If you were planning for someone’s 50th anniversary, wouldn’t you visualize all the things you want to get to make it a success?


By focusing on the anniversary, you’ll keep coming up with all sorts of ideas that you can add to your list.  Even when you’re not thinking about it, ideas will pop up.  Why do more ideas keep coming up?  You’ve more or less painted a picture for your subconscious mind & it’s doing a lot of the work for you.


Visualization will help you focus on what it is you want.  It also makes a vivid picture for your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind, in return, will come up with ideas, or it could just happen to lead you to the right people who can help.  It might attract someone to give it to you.  You could even win the money to buy it, or you could get an inheritance.  Nothing Is Impossible.


Visualization will Power Your Subconscious Mind.  It will accelerate the time it takes to manifest something into your life.  If you’re still a skeptic, Psychology Today has a good article on the Power Of Visualisation.  Turn visualization into a habit & you’ll accelerate your manifestation time a bit more.


Great Job.  Ok, now let’s move on to the LOA Secret #2.


LOA Secret







How To AffirmationsHow to Affirmations is the second secret to the law of attraction.  It’s very important to learn how to do affirmations & how to write affirmations.  Like I said earlier, what you think & say will determine whether you advance to your goal at an accelerated speed or move at the speed of a turtle.



Now for the How To’s for affirmations.  The best place to start is with, What Not To Do.  I warned you at the beginning of this article about the effects of talking & thinking negatively.  Now it’s time to do something about it. For everything you think & say that’s negative, do the following 3 things.


1.  Stop & Think, Do I Really Want That In My Life
2.  Replace It With A Positive Affirmation
3.  Also, Add An Affirmation Of Gratitude


For best results, get into the habit of doing this every time you have a negative thought.  That goes for everything you think & say.


I’ll give you an example.  Once again we’ll use the example of trying to manifest a new house into your life.


When you see a house you really like, don’t think or say something like, “I’ll never be able to afford something like that.”  How do you know you’re not going to get a great job promotion?  You could even win the lottery.  Never say never.  This is where you use the three steps I listed above.


1.  Stop and think.  Do I never want to be able to get my dream house
2.  Replace it with a positive affirmation like, I’m looking to buy a house over 3,000 sq ft & overlooking the ocean.
3.  Now for a gratitude affirmation like, I’m so grateful I was able to purchase the house of my dreams.


To begin with, write down all the negative things that run through your mind when there’s something you want.  Now list positive affirmations.  These are the ones you’ll use every time one of those negative thoughts come up.



The good thing about affirmations is that you don’t need any extra time.  I do mine when I walk to the gym in the morning or washing dishes at night.  I use affirmations a few times throughout the day.  Just for a few seconds each time.


Get a piece of paper.  Write down as many good affirmations that you can think of concerning your dream.  Make the affirmations sound like you’ve already manifested it into your life.  For a house, you could say such things as:


1.  I just love looking out my window & seeing the cruise ships go floating by & blowing their horns
2.  I’m so grateful I got the house I’ve dreamed about all my life.
3.  It’s so peaceful sitting here on my couch, drinking coffee & looking at the beautiful scenery through my window


The secret here is, don’t just rattle off a bunch of words.  Vividly see the things you’re saying.  Feel the excitement you’ll have when you’re finally living in that house.



Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains.  Affirmations help get rid of the crap in our minds.  It plays an integral role in breaking negative thought patterns, negative speech, and most importantly, negative actions.


If you’re still a skeptic when it comes to affirmations, read a study done by, The US National Library of Medicine


Turn affirmations into a habit & you’ll accelerate your manifestation time a bit more.  By combining it with visualization, you’ll accelerate it even more.



Law Of Attraction Secrets






What is meditation for?  It’s one of the best ways to stay focused & motivated on your dream.  You can use meditation to quiet your mind & relax, but you can also use it to supercharge getting the things you want in life.


Now for the How To’s for Meditation. We’ll start with what not to do first.  Remember, meditation is to clear your mind so you can focus on what you want to manifest.  When you start to meditate, don’t do things like:


  Let your mind wander back to what someone did or said that upset you
■  Start thinking about something stressful that’s going on in your life
■  Start worrying about one of your friends or relatives
■  What you want to do on the weekend


You need to keep all distractions out.  I’ll warn you; this isn’t an easy thing to do.  It does take practice.



It makes no difference how you meditate.  You can lay down, sit up, stand up, sit cross-legged or use any other position you want.  You can even meditate while you walk through the park.  I like laying down the best.


I don’t know how hectic your day is.  Start with 5 minutes & work your way up to at least 15. Do it once a day even if it’s just for 5 minutes.


STEP #1 – When I meditate, I like listening to music that’s relaxing.  If you do, turn some on.  It’s not necessary to listen to music to meditate.  Some people like total silence.  Make sure you pick a time when you won’t have any distractions.


STEP #2 – Get into the position you want.  Clear your mind.  To begin with, you don’t want to be thinking about anything.  In other words, you want your mind to be blank.


STEP #3 – Remember how I told you to visualize at the beginning of this article?  If you forget, please go back & read, Law Of Attraction – Secret #1.  This is the most important step of all.  Now, for the next 5-15 minutes keep still & do nothing but visualize what you want to manifest.  Make sure to use all 5 senses.


What I would do is pretend someone just gave me a house & it’s the first time I’m seeing it.  I can just feel the excitement.  I would also vision what I see going through each of the rooms.  I’ll feel the excitement increase more & more as I go along.



Meditation and the law of attraction go hand in hand.  We’ll start with, what is meditation good for?  Meditation is to help us quiet our minds.  It helps us get rid of all the junk in our minds especially the thoughts that tell us it probably won’t work.  In return, it increases our power to focus.  That’s focusing on what you want to manifest.


Meditation paints a vivid picture for your subconscious mind.  Without being interrupted with negative thoughts, your subconscious mind can work even faster at attracting the things you’ll need to accomplish your goal.  Your Subconscious Mind will work a lot faster when it’s not being interrupted with negativity.


Let’s say you’re working on a speech you’re going to give at your next meeting.  Let’s say you’re constantly being interrupted.  Between the frustrations of the interruptions, there’s a good possibility that you’ll forget to include something.  How much longer is it going to take you to complete the speech?


Combine Meditation with Visualization & Affirmations & you’ll Turbo Charge turning your Dreams Into Reality.


Many people don’t realize there’s actual scientific proof that meditation works. If you’re a bit skeptic about meditation, there’s a good article by Vox News on, What Science Says About Meditation.


law of attraction tips




Does Law of Attraction work?  It works just fine if you follow the steps above. It works if you have a bit of patience & don’t expect to get what you want in a week from now.  That’s not impossible, but the chances are slim.  The law of attraction works if you don’t give up.  Why a lot of people never get what they want is because they get frustrated right away & quit.


I’m not saying, if you don’t do everything I told you, it won’t work.  I have busy days too.  Some days, I just have time for affirmations.  Most days I do all three – Visualization, Affirmations & Meditation.  What I will tell you is, that the more you put into it, the faster you’ll turn your dreams into reality.  That’s what I’ve experienced over the years.


My manifestation tip for visualization is, put things out that will remind you of what you want.  I put a picture on my desktop & cell phone.  Every time I turn them on, I’m reminded of what my goal is.  The more you remind yourself of what you want, the more focused & motivated you’ll become.


For Affirmations, every time a negative thought pops up, I write it down.  Beside it, I write down the positive affirmation I’m going to say instead.  I also write down an affirmation of gratitude.  Don’t forget; your subconscious mind attracts what you think & say.


My Manifestation tip for meditation is to do it for a bit every day.  If your mind wanders off to other things besides what you want to manifest, that’s okay. When this happens, stop yourself right away & carry on with the visualization of your dream.


If you want more detailed steps to either Visualization, Affirmations or Meditation, click on one of the links below.  I go into a lot more detail for each one.


DIY Visualization
DIY Guided Affirmations
DIY Meditation




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