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What’s so good about Mind Movies Matrix?


I’m sure you know of people who seem to have been born under a lucky star.  It doesn’t matter what they do, success always seems to follow them.  It seems like they don’t even try & everything goes their way.  Lucky or What!!!


Mind Movies Matrix is a program that’s supposed to help you learn how to do just that. They say, why wish you could be as lucky as your friend when you can learn how to attract that same success. Natalie, the owner of Mind Movies Matrix, describes the program as Downloading Success Habits Directly Into Your Brain.


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1. What Is Mind Movies Matrix?

2. Take The Mind Movies Matrix Quiz

3. What’s Included In Mind Movies Matrix

4. How Does Mind Movies Matrix Work

5. What I Liked & Didn’t Like About The Matrix




mind movies matrix




Mind Movies Matrix is a program that combines the program, Mind Movies, along with Mind Movies Matrix. Mind Movies Matrix incorporates the best subconscious programming technology in the world into its program. It’ll help you to become that successful person you’ve always wished you were. If you don’t know what Mind Movies is, read over my review, https://manifestationportal.com/mind-movies


If you’re looking for a NLP or a Hypnosis Program, this isn’t what Mind Movie Matrix is about. It does however, contain Brainwave Entrainment & Subliminal Messaging to speed up your success.



Are you to a point where you just don’t know why you never seem to have any success or wealth?  Does it seem like no matter how hard you try you never get ahead?  Take Natalie’s Quiz below to find out what’s causing it.





You’ll find the following in this program.

1.  Four Mind Movies professionally produced. They cover the success of 4 different areas in your life.The four areas are:


  Weight Loss
  Perfect Partner


Each of the above movies is 3 minutes long. You don’t have to watch each one for 3 minutes.  You start by picking the area of your life that you want to improve the most.  That’s the one you watch for 3 minutes a day.  You can pick more than one if you want.


2.  Also included is 4 pre-made Subliminal Success Mind Movies. Once again, they cover the different areas of your life. You pick the same one you did for Step #1. This one you listen to later on in the day.


3.  You also get four Subliminal Success Audios that cover the above 4 areas I mentioned. This is a 60-minute audio that you can listen to without headsets any time during the day.  I listen to mine when I’m driving my car or when I’m walking in the park.


4. A sleep meditation audio. This one is 30 minutes long.




If this program was a scam, they wouldn’t have spent over two years producing it. They definitely wouldn’t have hired Morry Zelcovitch. Morry is a certified Brain Entrainment Engineer. In fact, he was hired by the Brazilian Government once to train their military police.




Brain Entrainment physically re-balances your brain. Mind Movie Matrix combines brainwave entertainment sounds with visuals and subconscious suggestions. It conditions your mind to automatically see all sorts of opportunities for success in every area of your life. It also helps you to attract those things you see & think about. Even more important, it keeps you focused & motivated.




For success, you have to listen & watch one of the mind movies every morning (with a headset on). You can listen to more than one, if you have time. Each movie runs for about 3 minutes.


If you’ve used the excuse you don’t have time, you definitely can’t say you don’t have 3 extra minutes in the morning.


You also have to listen & watch a movie at night for 3 minutes. This movie is embedded with more than 1 million positive subliminal messages. They’re undetected by the conscious mind because of their high-frequency speed.  Here again, it’s bypassing the conscious mind & going directly to training your subconscious mind.


There’s also a 60-minute subliminal audio to listen too. You can do this anytime. Even while driving to work. All you’ll hear is a relaxing voice & music. You don’t wear headsets for this.


The instructions I have below, tell you how to pick what Movie to watch & how each Mind Matrix Movie will help to accelerate your success.



Purple Foot Print



There are 4 areas of your life you can work on. Take a look at all of them. Pick the one you think would improve your life the most. A lot of people choose the money one. That’s where I started. You can pick more than one if you want. Just make sure you have time for it. This movie only takes 3 minutes. Grab your tablet or iPad & go someplace where you won’t be interrupted. Put your headsets on — watch — and — listen.




This Matrix Movie has Brainwave Entertainment embedded into it. The movie itself contains subliminal suggestions. These sounds & visuals are imprinted into your subconscious. This method is more successful as it bypasses your conscious mind. It’s your Conscious mind that comes up with all the excuses why you can’t do something.

Purple Foot Print With Step Number Two Written On It



You listen to one of the Subliminal Matrix Movies at night. It’s also 3 minutes. This movie is different from the one you watch in the morning. The Brainwave Entrainment sounds are replaced with upbeat music. There’s also millions of powerful affirmations embedded into the movie to help speed up your success.




The subliminal suggestions can’t be stopped by your conscious mind. These thousands of powerful affirmations get deposited directly into your subconscious. It’s your subconscious that has the power & capabilities to help manifest your dreams. Remember, it’s your conscious mind that causes you to doubt yourself. The upbeat music helps to give you the energy & determination you need to stay focused & motivated to go after what you want.

Purple Foot Print With Step Number Three Written On It



You also have to listen to a 60-minute Subliminal Audio. The good thing about this is you can listen to it anytime. Even driving to work. You could listen to half of it driving to work & half on the way home. All you hear is the relaxing sounds of nature & a soothing voice.  I love listening to this on my way home.




The audios help to boost your mood, accelerate you manifestation power & keep your thoughts positive. It helps to keep your motivational level running in high gear. If you’re not motivated to get something done you usually don’t. To be successful at anything, it’s imperative to stay highly motivated. In other words, the more motivated & focused you are on your goal, the sooner you’ll turn that goal into reality.

PUrple Foot Print With Step Number Four Written On It



For this audio, you can either listen to the guided version or the non-guided version. It’s your choice. They’re embeded with powerful subliminal messages run at optimal frequency for a great nights sleep. The sleep meditation runs for about 30 minutes.




The Sleep Audios help to prepare your mind for a good nights sleep. They also help to give you the inspiration you need to succeed. They also increase your energy & drive to achieve the goal you want and all while you’re sleeping. It doesn’t get much easier than that.





I’m the type of person that loses motivation & determination easily. It’s not unusual for me to get negative thoughts like, “This is never going to work.” Mind Movies Matrix helps put a stop to thinking like that.


The constant reminder I get watching the movie, twice a day, helps to keep my determination level soaring. The upbeat music puts me on an emotional high & keeps me motivated & focused.


I love the fact that they’re only 3 minutes long. I can always manage to get in two 3 minutes session a day. I’m sure you have days where you have next to no spare time too. You can usually find some place to go where you know you won’t be interrupted for 3 minutes.


The 60-minute audios are relaxing to listen to. I find them to be very calming.  Also, I find ideas seem to pop up out of nowhere. It does help me to think clearer & stay focused. To be honest, staying focused is hard for me. To be successful in life, you have to stay focused on your dream.


The sleep meditation audio I’m sure would help anyone get a good nights sleep. I’ve never had a problem sleeping so I’m just guessing here.  If you have difficulty sleeping & try the program, let me know if it helped you.


The good thing is, there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you follow it, step by step, I’d be totally shocked if it didn’t work.




I sometimes have trouble listening to 60-minute audios. Sometimes I split it up.  If I’m home alone, I play it while I’m on my computer.


I’ll have to admit that on the weekends it’s hard. It’s hard because you really need 60 minutes of uninterrupted time. Sometimes I get up extra early to listen to it.  Sometimes I go out for an hours walk or down to the gym & use the app on my cell phone to listen to it.  I’ve even driven down to the park & sat in my car to listen to the audio.


The only other thing I can think of is the sleep meditation audios. They quite often put me to sleep before they’re over.


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Remember this program only works if you follow the steps.


If you’ve tried Mind Movies Matrix, leave a comment below. Let us know what your goal was, how you incorporated all the steps into your day & how long it took for you to accomplish your goal. If you have any negative things about the program, let us know about that too.


Thanks for reading my Mind Movies Matrix Review.

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  1. Hi Akintunde,

    There’s a few ways you can do it.
    Probably the easiest way if you don’t want to log into your account every time is to download the app from the app store. It’s free. Here’s the link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mindmovies.matrix

    If you don’t want the app you can try one of the following.

    1. Log into your Matrix account. You should see an icon that says, “download instructions” Click on that & follow along. I would start there first.
    2.You can download each Video or audio separately. Just click on the icon you want. For example, if you want the ones on money, click on the money icon. It will then ask you if you want to download it to you computer, your mac or your mobile device. Click on whichever one would be best for you. You’ll then have to click on where you want it sent. I usually send it to my desk top. Depending on what type of computer you have, the list of places you can send it to are on the left hand side of your screen.
    3. If you still don’t understand how to download it, contact them. The link is: http://www.mindmovies.com/contact.php Just tell them you don’t understand how to do it.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I’m a subscriber to mind movies matrix, and will be grateful to know how I can download the package onto my pc.

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I’m not sure if you’ve purchased Mind Movies or Mind Movies Matrix by Natalie Ledwell. Whichever one you’re using, both programs will help to retrain your brain to keep you motivated, focused, & to give you encouragement. Since your goal is to lose weight, you also have to incorporate eating healthy, exercising, cutting calories, etc.

    By all means, contact Natalie Ledwell. She’s great at coming up with suggestions to help people on their road to success.

    In my opinion, if you cut calories, eat healthy, exercise & follow Natalie’s program, you should be losing a bit of weight each week. If you need a little extra help with counting calories, there’s a free program called, https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ It’s 100% free & it’s fantastic. I use their free version when I gain a bit of weight & want to get rid of it.

    All the best to you on your journey, Joanne.

  4. How long does it take to lose weight? I’m doing everything 4x as much as recommend.

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