Mindvalley Academy and Vishen Lakhiani

Vishien LakhianiVishen Lakhiani, is the founder & CEO of Mindvalley, Academy.


Omharmonics Meditation is a program he produced himself.  He gives away FREE Meditation Classes so people can learn first hand how much meditation can improve your life.


If you want, you can go to, Omharmonics to get my DETAILED REVIEW of his program.


Vishen Lakhiani’s Life Before Mind Valley

  • Born in Kuala Lumpur
  • 1955 – studied at the University of Michigan
  • Majored in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Vice President for the USA Team of AIESEC (no-profit organization helping young people to become global leaders)
  • 2001 – Moved to New York & worked for a technology company in the legal industry
  • Studied the Silva Method of Meditation to deal with the stress from his job
  • Became a qualified instructor of the Siva Method & taught Meditation Programs for the company
  • 2003 – Launched Mind Valley. He started with a $700 Toshiba laptop


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  • Has over 200 employees from 40 different countries (most work at Mindvalley)
  • Launched Mind Valley Accademy (a digital learning platform and store for transformational programs, courses and teachings on personal growth, mindfulness and well-being
  • Has over 1.5 million subscribers & students
  • Founder of Omvana (Health & Fittness app on iTunes store in over 30 countries)
  • In 2014 launched the app Dormio (12 tracs to help you get a good nights sleep) It turned out to be second most downloaded Health and Fitness app in the USA.



Vishen Lakhiani’s accomplishments are as follows:

  • His company, Mindvalley, has made the World Blu List, four years in a row for being one of the most democratic workplaces
  • His Mindvalley technology has become one of the hottest tech incubators in Asia
  • Vishen started Awesomeness Fest which is an annual non-profit invite-only gathering of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs speak, network & share ideas on personal growth. All proceeds of the Awesomeness Fest are donated to CHARITABLE CAUSES.
  • He’s an adviser to many Bay Area Startups
  • Most of his products include services that encourage people to improve their lives & health.
  • In 2012, Inc Magazine named Mindvalley one of the world’s coolest offices to work in
  • Featured in CBS News, BBC, Entrepreneur.com & The Huffington Post
  • Sits on the Innovation Board of the X Prize Foundation (non-profit organization to design & manage public competitions to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind.
  • 2015 – Integrated into the Transformational Leadership Council
  • Mr Lakhiani is one of the world’s most sought after speakers when it comes to building a business & company culture
  • Has shared the stage with Tony Robins, Dalai Lama & Noble Prize Winner, F.W. de Klerk



Vishen’s goal in life is to bring his own passion of personal growth to people to create a better world.   By 2020 he wants to make Mindvalley the #1 place to work in the world.  Another one of his goals is to make Kuala Lumpur one of the top 20 cities in the world to startup a business.


Try Vishien’s FREE Meditation Classes to see how well it would work in your life.

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