How To Never Fail

How To Never Fail



How to never fail in life isn’t as hard as you think. To get off the road of failure, all it takes is the elimination of 3 things from your life.


Why do you fail? You probably keep doing the same wrong things over & over without even realizing it. You might even know why you fail. It doesn’t do you any good knowing why, if you don’t know what to do about it.



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1. Overcoming Failures In Life
2. 1st Cause Of Failure
3. 2nd Cause Of Failure
4. 3rd Cause Of Failure
5. Important Links For Extra Help




Before you try to manifest anything using the Law of Attraction, there are 3 things you must eliminate as quickly as possible. It’s these 3 things that are preventing you from getting on the Road To Success.


If you want to save yourself a lot of time, money & grief, please put an end to the following 3 things. I can’t stress enough, how important this is. This is how to stop failing.


Stop Procrastinating




The 1st thing to eliminate in your life is procrastination. Take the word out of your vocabulary. Don’t say you’ll end procrastination tomorrow. Start now. The sooner you stop being a procrastinator, the quicker you’ll be able to enjoy the things you’ve always dreamed about.


How many times have you told someone, or yourself, of something you were planning to accomplish? Most people have all sorts of great ideas. Did you accomplish what you said you were going to? Did you even start? If you didn’t, what excuse did you come up with? Did you try any of the following?


Write down what your goal was
Write down a realistic date that you wanted to accomplish it by
Write out the steps you were going to take to reach that goal
Write down 3 things you were going to achieve each day towards your goal
Use different methods like visualization, subliminals or meditation to keep focused & motivated and to speed things up.


Even if all you can do is just 3 things a day towards your goal, you will eventually get there. That’s if you don’t let yourself get frustrated & give up.


Putting an end to procrastination is one of those things that are easier said than done. This was the hardest thing in my life to do. I’m sure everyone knows they shouldn’t procrastinate. The question is, How Do You Stop?


I wrote an article on, How To Stop Procrastination. I’ll put a link to that article at the end of this page (under important links).


Did you know that PROCRASTINATION is the #1 CAUSE OF FAILURE?


Stop Excuses




Stop making the excuses.  This is the second thing to eliminate out of your life.  Take that word out of your vocabulary too. The following are the 5 top excuses people use & fail at life. Do you want an antidote for each one?


EXCUSE #1 – I can’t afford it.


I’ll give you an antidote to that excuse. I’ve written an article on, 3 DIY Steps To The Law Of Attraction. I’ll put the link at the end of this page (under important links). Don’t use the excuse, you’ll read it later. When you get to the end of this page, click on the link. It’s FREE. You don’t even have to give me your e-mail address.


My 3 Do It Yourself Steps to the law of attraction will probably take you a bit longer, but it’ll work just as good as any paid Law Of Attraction Program.  So, we can stop with the excuses now.


Are you the type of person that would rather follow a program than a DIY method? Most Manifestation Programs have a 30-60 day money back guarantee. Many have a payment plan & they’re interest-free. How many times have you charged something you didn’t need but wanted? A manifestation Program is something that will literally change your life for the better.


EXCUSE – #2 – I don’t know where to start.


Sorry, you can’t use that excuse either. My antidote is, read the article I wrote on, Five Keys For Success & try some of the techniques. If you’d rather step-by-step instruction, take a look at my Top Rated Manifestation Products For 2018. I give a detailed review of each one. Once again, both of these links will be at the end (under important links).


EXCUSE – #3 – I have trouble learning new things.


Sorry — That’s no excuse!!!! The manifestation of your dream life can be accomplished by people who have ADHA or any other learning disability.  Once again, lets stop making up the excuses.


EXCUSE – #4 – I don’t have any spare time.


Come On!!! You don’t have 5 minutes 2 or 3 times a day? How much time do you spend on Twitter or Facebook? How about watching T.V., Texting or Talking on the phone? How much time do you spend on your computer?


I’ve even reviewed a product that you can use on your computer. All you have to do is turn it on every time you’re on your computer. You can spend as much time as you want on social media & the program will retrain your brain without you even knowing.


EXCUSE #5 – I tried & it didn’t work.

Really??? How long did you try — one day, three days or maybe even a month? In most cases, you have to work at it a lot longer than a month. How much does it mean to you? How badly do you want it?


Did you follow the instructions exactly? I’m 99% sure you gave up just before the manifestation of your dream became a reality. Have you ever heard yourself sarcastically say, “Yea, I’m sure that would work!” I guess you’re right if you don’t even attempt to try.


Did you know that EXCUSES is the #2 CAUSE OF FAILURE?


Stinking Thinking




Stinking Thinking is the 3rd thing to eliminate from your life. What is Stinking Thinking? By stinking thinking, I’m talking about the people who always complain. The people who give up easily. The people who have the attitude I’ll try it for a week & see what happens. It also includes the people that say such things as, I’m Not Good At Anything. Negative thinking will definitely put you back on that road to failure.


In my opinion, Stinking Thinking is the worst of them all. Trust me, giving up is the Step Just Before Success. Do you really want to look back on your life & think — I wonder if things would have turned out better if I had stuck with the program a little longer?


If people would stick to their plans a little longer, they’d see their dream turn into reality. The majority of people, who give up, do it just before they succeed. If they only knew!!! What a Shame!!!


Did you know that STINKING THINKING is the #3 CAUSE OF FAILURE


Important Links



Many People know what’s causing them never to get what they want in life. What’s important is that you don’t stop there. Below are links to the articles I promised you.


Let’s start now. Don’t procrastinate & say you’ll read the articles later. Don’t come up with an excuse like, I don’t have time right now, but I’ll bookmark it & read it later. Cancel the stinking thinking by saying, it probably won’t work anyways. Remember, cancel these 3 things, and you just put yourself on the Road To Success.


If one of your problem areas is procrastination, click the link below.

How To Stop Procrastination


If you have no idea where to begin or what to do, go to the link below.

5 Keys For Success


Are you having problems with Stinking Thinking, like getting frustrated & quitting instead of sticking it out to the end? Maybe you’re having problems with stopping the negativity in your mind. Read the article I wrote below.

3 DIY Steps To The Law Of Attraction


Would you like a professional program that will help you rather than a Free Do It Yourself Program? Take a look at the Manifestation Programs I did a detailed review on.

Manifestation Products.





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Do you have any tips or techniques you use for Procrastination, Excuses or Stinking Thinking that has really helped you? If you do, please leave them in the comment section below.


Thanks for dropping in to read my article on, How To Never Fail.


2 thoughts on “How To Never Fail

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment. I can sure relate to the things you just mentioned especially the part of telling yourself you deserve money. No, it didn’t work for me either. I think one of the most important thing in choosing a program is having enough time in a day for it. One good thing about the matrix is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Mind Movies is really great at giving you extra advice when you need it. Give them a call & explain the situation you’re in. I’m sure they would have some suggestions of what to do when it comes to working for nothing. I wish I could help but I’ve never had that problem. They also have a private Facebook group. The people there are really good at helping each other out.

    All the very best to you.

  2. What a wonderful website you have! I’ve tried quite a few programmes and I could never stick to any of them, in most cases because they were so incredibly BORING and they required me to spend literally hours and hours every day doing something, usually something repetitive and, as I already mentioned, super boring!
    One programme made me fill out I can’t remember how many pages of a notebook by hand with affirmations every day. My hand got so tired every day! And it literally took me hours to fill up the required number of pages writing the affirmations by hand, because my hand got so tired.
    Another programme, that I stuck to for about 2 months and a half, consisted I think of listening to an audio session every week. Every week the session would explore in detail one particular limiting belief, and at the end of the session the person would declare something like: Clear! Clear! Clear! Supposedly by examining your limited beliefs this way and then by hearing the clearing, it was supposed to eliminate that limiting belief from your subconscious. I followed the programme for 2 and a half months and not one single thing changed in my life.
    Finally I followed a programme which I WOULD recommend, it consisted of a huge gigantic book, I don’t know how many pages it had maybe hundreds, and many audios. You were supposed to read through the book and listen to the audios and then try out the methods that appealed to you the most. I do have to admit I did manifest some small successes using some of the methods in the book but using these methods I wasn’t able to achieve anything important such as for example finding a job. I imagine if I had actually tried to read through the whole book or listen to all the many audios I might have discovered some method that actually WOULD HAVE worked to help me to find a job but I got so booooored trying to fumble through that tiresome non-fiction equivalent of The Lord of the Rings that I never managed to finish reading it, therefore I didn’t discover any more methods.
    I realize I need a programme that requires LITTLE TIME COMMITMENT, because I’m involved in a hundred activities a day studying (yet another activity I’ve taken up to try and find a job, I’ve gone back to school), doing homework and also trying to get a few freelance services I offer to actually earn me some money, people seem to love what I do but they ALWAYS want me to do them for free and that has always been my problem all my life.
    I figured I probably have some sort of limiting belief or block or something that tells me I’m not allowed to earn money for my work or something of that sort, but I have no idea how to get rid of such a belief. Affirming that I deserve to earn money doesn’t seem to have changed anything. Perhaps the fact that my parents pressured me to work helping out in their business for free when I was a child might have something to do with it, but I really just don’t know.
    I’m going to try Mind Movies Matrix because it doesn’t require a huge time commitment, it doesn’t require you to carry out any strenous activities like writing out 10 pages of affirmations by hand every day or read a huge book that is several hundred pages long. I hope it helps me and sorry for writing the follow-up to Lord of the Rings here. Thanks for such a great site!

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