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Winning The Game Of Money Week 1-4


Winning the game of money is a 12 level Brain Re-training Program that increases your brain’s capacity.  It’ll help to rewire & retrain your brain for financial success.  Along with all that, it’ll help you to imprint beliefs, behaviors, confidence, habits, & the perception of the rich into your Subconscious.  According to John Assaraf, it accomplishes this in as little as 90 days.


Winning the Game Of Money, by John Assaraf, is considered as one of the world’s most advanced and scientifically backed program. This program will help you to discover & remove anything that’s blocking your success.


To make it very clear, this is not a Get Rich Quick Program.  You have to follow the program every day.  If you do decide to enroll, make sure you have time for it.  If you don’t,  you’re not going to see high levels of success.  In other words, it’ll be a waste of your time & money.


I’ll be keeping a week-by-week journal for all 12 weeks. My review will include the good along with the bad. It’ll give you a good understanding of how Winning The Game Of Money Works.


If you’d rather listen to John explain how the program works, click LISTEN TO JOHN ASSARAF.


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Winning The Game Of Money Level 1 Review

Winning The Game Of Money Level 2 Review

Winning The Game Of Money Level 3 Review

Winning The Game Of Money Level 4 Review

My Progress So Far

Price Of Winning The Game Of Money



Winning The Game Of Money Level 2 Review




How Much Time Do I Need

1ST day:  approximately 60 minutes.  The 1st day is a bit longer because you have a video & audio to watch & listen to.  You also have a workbook to fill out.


2nd – 7th DAY:  32:00 minutes.  Tha’ts 32 minutes for all 7 days.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO:  Understanding Your Money Story (Part 1)


Knowledge & Skills Video

You start by watching & listening to what John calls his Knowledge & Skills Video. He has a new video at the beginning of each level. This one was 14 minutes long. They’re not all the same length.


In the video, John discussed the habits & emotions you’ve developed over you entire life.  Many of them you don’t even realize you have.  That is until he starts listing them. This was definitely an eye opener for me. He also discussed the reasons why you haven’t seen financial success in your life & what to do about it.


INNERCISE AUDIO – Finding Financial Opportunities


Winnin The Game Of Money Innercising

The audio which helps to Retrain & Rewire your brain is what John Assaraf calls Inercising or Innercises.  You need headsets to get the full effect. Finding Financial Opportunities is 31:51 minutes long.  Finding a nice quiet place where you won’t be interrupted is important.  As the audio is playing, John will give you all sorts of advice.


The audios were all created using positive psychology, advanced brain research, and cutting edge technology.  They consist of affirmations, stories and meditations.  The music along with the affirmations are played in the background as John is talking.


You don’t hear the affirmations, but your subconscious mind will.  In this audio there are 29 different affirmations being repeated over & over.  Once again, only your subconscious mind will hear them.


You’ll be listening to the audio once a day for 7 days.  John will also explain to you why it doesn’t matter if your mind wandersI was really happy about that one.  It doesn’t take much for my mind to start wandering.


Bonus For Taking Winning The Game Of Money



Not all levels have bonuses.  In this level you have access to The Million Dollar Success Library.  Don’t get overwhelmed with this.  You can go through it as you have time or you don’t have to at all.


The library is divided up into 4 different sections:


  Business Growth


Each of the above topics have several well known people who are more than qualified to talk on the subject.  As I said before, you can take your time or don’t do it at all.  I’ll eventually get through the ones that interest me.  Because I don’t have a lot of spare time, it might take me more than a year.  That’s okay, the more I learn the better.



Pros & Cons By Manifestation Portal




Positive Reviews For The Hypnosis Network

In the knowledge & skills video, John gave a lot of great advice. He explained why you haven’t seen financial success up to now. This was a real eye opener for me.  He also lets you know what works, doesn’t work and why.


What I liked was being informed about challenges I would probably face during the week.  I’ll have to admit what he warned me about, did happen. At least I knew how to put a stop to it successfully.


You’re provided with the audio transcript so you know exactly what is being said in the background that you don’t hear.


The group coaching with Mark Waldman & John Assraf on Facebook are full of really good tips and advice.



Winning The Game Of Money Cons

The first day was a bit long for me (because of health conditions, I usually can’t sit for more than a half-hour at a time). Because of that, I did the Video in the afternoon & the audio later on in the evening. There’s a slight humming in the background that irritated me a bit. After a couple of days, I guess I got used to it because I didn’t hear it anymore.


About the only con I can think of, is the amount of time it takes to complete things.  For me it was hard to find uninterrupted time but I did manage to get everything done.







How Much Time Do I Need



1st DAY – Total Time Required: 1st day: 1 hour & 15 minutes.  This includes an extra 20 minutes to answer a couple of questions you’re given, plus the audio & video..


2nd TO 7th DAY – 40 minutes (audio)


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO:  Understanding Your Money Story Part 2


Knowledge & Skills Video

The video was about making a roadmap or blueprint to the life you want.  John will give you his 7 steps to help you stop struggling with your finances & start finding ways to bring more money into your life.   It included your visions, goals & the strategies that you’ll take to see great results.  You also learn what has been blocking your success up to now and what to do about it so that it doesn’t continue to hinder you.


You’ll get a couple of questions from John to answer. The answers to these questions are to be kept at the back of your mind for the week.


INNERCISE AUDIOAttracting Wealth

Winning The Game Of Money Meditation Audio

As John talks, 30 affirmations are being continually played in the background.  You can’t hear them but your subconscious mind will.  These affirmations were created using cutting edge technology, brain research & the most advanced positive psychology.  This in turn will help you to comfortably and easily make the changes you need to achieve your goals & ultimate lifestyle.


As for the affirmations that are being played in the background, you can go to, “My Resources” inside the program to read them.




Bonus For Taking Winning The Game Of Money

The bonus you received with level 2 was a video on, Stock Market Strategies, with Phil Town.  You also receive 2 tickets for a live event hosted by Phil.


I wasn’t impressed with getting this as a bonus.  I won’t get into it now but I’ll explain why under the cons of Winning The Game Of Money below. Keep in mind, this is my opinion of the bonus.  That doesn’t mean you won’t like it.


Pros & Cons By Manifestation Portal




Positive Reviews For The Hypnosis Network

  Helped Me To Stop Coming Up With Excuses (like I’m just too busy to work on it today).

  Increased My Motivational Level & Kept Me Motivated.  that was a shocker in itself.

  Helped Me To Stay Focused On My Goals.  It doesn’t take much to distract me (big time waster).

  Stopped Procrastinating about everything (trust me, I mean most things)


I’ve tried the things John told me to do this week & they did work. I like that he doesn’t just tell you what to do during the week, he also shows you scientific proof that it works.


WARNING:  If you have problems sleeping at night, don’t listen to the audio before you go to bed. I very seldom have problems sleeping. When I listened to the audio, just before bed, I had a hard time falling asleep.


Winning The Game Of Money Cons

  It wasn’t easy finding 75 minutes today to get everything done

  For me the bonus was a major disappointment.  I’m taking this program to make more money.  I have no extra cash to pay for my flight to the seminar.  If I can’t afford the flight, I sure can’t afford to invest money.  To me a Bonus is something I get for free that will help me.  Now if you have extra cash this might be a great bonus to get.  Phil Towns is well known for his knowledge in investments.


Winning the Game Of Money Brain-A-Thon



Winning The Game Of Money Level 3




How Much Time Do I Need



1ST DAY – The first day you’ll need approximately 84 minutes.  This includes 40 minutes for the audio, 14 for the video and on average about 30 minutes to complete the workbook.


2nd – 7th DAY – 40 Minutes a day for 7 days. (AUDIO)


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO – Changing Your Money Story (part 1)


Knowledge & Skills Video

In the video you’re asked questions about different areas of your life.  The answers to these questions will help you come up with what you want your end results to be.


You’re taught how to be internally focused in order to make good mental adjustments.   You’ll also learn how to put yourself in control.


INNERCISE AUDIO – Tenacity & Resolve


Winning The Game Of Money Audio

In this audio, you’ll hear music along with 59 different affirmations being repeated in the background (you don’t hear the affirmations).


What I love about John’s innercising is that he provides you with numerous pieces of advice and tips.  These tips have been so helpful in my life.  I’m sure you’ll think the same.


Pros & Cons By Manifestation Portal




Positive Reviews For The Hypnosis Network

John talks about how people blame others & their circumstances for why they haven’t seen any success in their lives.  What I liked about this level was getting advice and steps on how to stop this and put yourself in control rather than wasting time blaming others.  Other things I liked were:


  The music is really soothing
  You don’t have to worry about your mind wandering off as your subconscious still hears the affirmations & the audio will work just as well.
  John did a good job at really making you think about your past so you are able to change your future.
  Excellent Advice & Tips


Winning The Game Of Money Cons

Like with other levels, there were things about level 4 that I wasn’t impressed with.  They might not bother you but I was annoyed with them.

  The first one is the work book.  I really dislike filling out forms.  On top of that, it does take extra time on top of the audio & video.  Don’t get me wrong. This workbook is very beneficial.  Don’t skip it if you take the program
  40 minutes is a bit long to listen to an audio.  I guess if I can spend 40 minutes on social media I can find time to do it too.
  Listening to the same audio for 7 days straight gets a bit boring.  The good thing is, it doesn’t matter if your mind wonders off.  It’ll still have the same effect.


Winning The Game Of Money Level 4




How Much Time Do I Need



1ST DAY:  60 Minutes.  This includes 18 minutes for the video, 22 minutes for the audio & approximately 30 minutes to finish the workbook.


2nd – 7th DAY:  22 minutes a day for the audio.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEOChanging Your Money Story (Part 2)


Knowledge & Skills Video

In this video John teaches you how to discover what has been holding you back up to now.  After discovering what it is, you’re taught how to make changes so you can have a successful life.  So far this has been my favorite lesson.  I’ve really learned a lot.


You’re also given a Daily Results Planner to fill out.  I really recommend that you complete this planner.  It’ll help you get on the right track.  I’m going to be doing it every day.


INNERCISE AUDIO:  Releasing Your Stories And Excuses.


Innercising Audio With John Assaraf In Winning The Game Of Money

When I was listening to the audio I could hear a low vibrational sound in the background as John was talking.  He told 2 different stories in this audio.  They made me realize I’m capable of doing a lot more than I think I can.  You’re also provided with numerous tips and advice on how to stop the excuses.




Bonus For Taking Winning The Game Of Money

BONUS #1 – As a bonus for level 4, John has a 22 minute video on How To Get More Done In Less Time.  This video is great for the people, like myself, who continually say they don’t have enough time or they’re just to busy.  I’m giving this video a Big Thumbs Up.


BONUS #2 – A PDF from John Assaraf containing the key steps that you need to take to see success in your life.



Pros & Cons By Manifestation Portal




Positive Reviews For The Hypnosis Network

I’m not sure where to start as I’ve learned so much in this level. Things that I know will help me finally see the success in my life that I’ve always wanted.  If it takes a year to get to that point, that’s fine.  I’m going to be working hard at this every day of the week until the end.  I’m tired of counting pennies to survive.  The following are some other things I enjoyed.


  I liked the fact that the audio was only 22 minutes long.  I really have a hard time sitting still when it’s much longer.  I don’t know how many times I’ve almost fallen asleep.  It’s really relaxing
  Excellent bonus.  I’m sure it’s going to accelerate the time it’ll take me or you to see results.
  Numerous tips on how to overcome your struggles





Winning The Game Of Money Cons

The cons of level 4 are very few.  In fact there really aren’t any.  Here’s something I disliked a little.


  You don’t have to, but I would highly recommend doing the Daily Results Planner daily.  This will probably take you between 15-20 minutes.  That’s as close as I get for finding something negative.  It was hard for me to find the extra time on top of the audio.  I will get it done.  I don’t think it will kill me to stay off of social media for 20 minutes.






My Opinion Of Winning The Game Of Money

So far I’m right on track. I did everything I was told to do & didn’t skip a thing.


I’ve now finished a third of the course. My main reason for purchasing this program was to see if my finances would increase, as John Assaraf promised. So far, I haven’t seen any increases what-so-ever.


Will I quit? Absolutely not. Like I continuously say throughout my website, people quit just before they see success. I’ll do all 12 weeks. I’ll do everything I’m told to do. To be honest, I’ll be extremely disappointed if this doesn’t work after all the excellent reviews I’ve read about John Assaraf & his programs.


With what I’ve learned up to now, I managed to put a stop to negative thinking, self-doubt, all types of fear, or anything else that was standing in my way.  Some of the things John suggested to do didn’t work for me but others worked really well.  You’re told to pick the strategies that work best for you.  Most of these strategies I’ve never heard of, but who cares as long as they work.  I’ll continue to use them if any self-doubt or negative thoughts pop up.


I’m going to be splitting this Review into 4 parts, so these articles don’t get too long. To get my review for Week 5-8 of, Winning The Game of Money, click the link below.


Review For Week 5-8 Of Winning The Game Of Money





Winning The Game Of Money Price

There’s 3 payment plans you can choose from.  As with most programs, you’ll save the most if you pay in full.  Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee.


Option #1:  Pay in full for $997

Option #2:  Make 4 consecutive payments of $297.  This option will cost you $191 dollars more than if you paid in full.

Option #3:  Use PayPal’s Pay Me Later.  You have 6 months to pay for the program. You do have to qualify for this payment plan.  You would have to find out from PayPal themselves.



Winning The Game Of Money Brain A thon
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If you have any questions about levels 1-4 of Winning The Game of Money, please leave the question below. If you’re taking the program, please give us your likes & dislikes.


Thanks for taking the time to read my review on, What Is Winning The Game Of Money by John Assaraf.

9 thoughts on “What Is Winning The Game Of Money

  1. Hi Eli,
    You have 3 options when it comes to paying for, Winning The Game Of Money. You can make one payment of $997 or you can split it up into 4 payments of $297. You can also use PayPal’s, “Bill Me Later” Just so that you know, there are extra bonuses if you pay in full. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee. If you click the link below, it’ll take you directly to the sales page.

    Winning The Game Of Money Sales Page.

  2. Where do you get the Winning the Game of Money package for $497 that Tesh mentions? Is there a link somewhere? It’s $997 on sale now.

  3. Hi Tesh,

    I would definitely go with the $497 package. I paid double for mine & it’s more or less the same thing less a few bonuses.

    Whatever you decide, may success be yours always.

  4. Hi Night,

    Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate it. Actually Neurogym is offering a package with the following:
    12 Level Innercise Audios
    Bonus 1: Exceptional LIfe coaching for 1 month
    Bonus 2: The Five Pillars of Financial Success
    Money 2 The Art of Science of Financial Success

    This is all for $497

    You are right. Bonuses all depend on the person and what they want. I guess what I’m trying to get at is. If I just got the package above is that enough or should I just get the full package? Since you went through it. I’m wondering what you think.

    Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

  5. Hi Tesh,
    When it comes to Winning The Game Of Money, you don’t get a choice. You can’t purchase the program without the bonuses. The bonuses weren’t all bad. There were some vary good ones. I’ll give you a couple of examples. There was an e-book by Heidi Hann called, Recharge & the bonus called, 5 Pillars to Success. Both helped me quite a bit. A couple I didn’t like were the bonuses called, Stock Market Strategies and, Our Money Stories. That’s just my opinion. There might be people who would like to know about the stock market.

  6. Hi,
    So now that you went through the program and had the chance to pick between getting the 12 Level audio vs getting the 12 level audios and the bonuses. Which one would you pick? From reading your reviews it seemed like the bonuses were not always great.


  7. Hi Angela,

    It’s so nice to meet someone from Barcelona. Thank you for your interest. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I started, Winning The Game Of Money. My last goal was to be able to purchase the house I wanted by August 5, 2018. I was successful, but I still haven’t purchased the house. I’m deciding on whether to stay in the same city or move someplace else. Could I have done it without the program? I would doubt it very much. My biggest problem is staying focused & motivated. As soon as I lose that, procrastination sets in for me.

    For the people who don’t have a problem with staying focused & motivated, I’m sure they could do it without, Winning The Game Of Money.

    Yes, it’s pretty easy to fall back into old habits. I did try to experiment by not doing the program for a couple of weeks. I’ll have to admit that I was starting to procrastinate again. Being able to focus on my goal definitely decreased by quite a bit, so I went back to using the program 5 times a week. About a month ago, I tried just doing the program 3 times a week. That seemed to be fine. Brainwave Entrainment helps me quite a bit. I guess listening to the audio 3 times a week to accomplish my goal isn’t going to kill me.

    I just started a new program. As soon as I’ve completed about 6 months, I’ll start a review on it. I was looking for a program with Brainwave Entrainment that doesn’t require so much time each day. Not everyone has at least 40 minutes a day where they won’t have any interruptions. I was also looking for a program that’s much, much, cheaper because not everyone has $1,000 to spend.

    All the best to you, Angela. May success always follow you.

  8. Thank you for creating this blog and the valuable feedback you are sharing with the world about this programme.
    I would like to know how you are doing today May 2018, and how you value this programme almost 2 years later. Has your life just improved the first few months and fallen back into old habits (as I tent to do myself), or have you truly made a permanent or profound shift?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Angela. Greetings from Barcelona

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