Mind Movies is the next generation Virtual Vision Board turned into a movie. It’s a 3-minute video of what it is you want. Each Mind Movie contains the following:


Pictures of your dream life
Motivating Video Clips
Motivational Music
Subliminal Messages


Your Mind Movie reprograms your subconscious mind. It’ll accelerate the time it takes to turn that dream of yours into reality. A little later on, I’ll explain how it’s capable of doing this. Yes, it does work. I’ve been using it for a few years. You can read about my personal experience below.




1. How Does Mind Movies Work
2. What Do You Get With Mind Movies & How Much Does It Cost
3. Proof That Mind Movies Work Or Is It A Scam
4. Two Things Mind Movies Doesn’t Have
5. My Personal Experience
6. How Much Time Does It Take
7. Oprah & Steve Harvey Talking About Their Vision Board (video)


If you’re in a hurry, you can purchase Mind Movies 4.0 at


If you’d like to try the product out first, they’re giving away 6 premade mind movies. You can get them at the following link.






There are 3 different steps to making a mind movie. I’ve listed them below. I’ve also listed why each step is so important


You start by choosing pictures of what it is you want. You can either use photos from the Mind Movie’s database or download your own. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be looking at these pictures at least once a day.  I use my own.  It just makes it more personal for me.  I see myself getting what it is I want, not someone else in the picture getting it.



It helps to constantly have your dream life on the back of your mind. Another way of putting it is, you’re instructing your subconscious mind to find the things you’ll need to turn your dream into reality. I’ll give you an example.


Have you ever driven to work & when you arrived you don’t remember driving all that way? Your subconscious mind sees the way you drive to work every day. So when you were thinking of something else, it knew where to go. Yes, your subconscious mind can be trained to do what you want. You did want your car to get you to work, didn’t you? In other words, your subconscious mind knew what you wanted to do.


As long as you follow the program step-by-step, you’ll be surprised at the opportunities, information & people that will come across your path. It also helps you to stay focused on what you want & why you want it. The why is what helps you to stay motivated.



After you have your vivid pictures picked out, you have to choose uplifting affirmations to go with each one. You can pick them from the Mind Movies Database or choose your own. These affirmations will be seen in the picture. They’ll also be read to you at such a high frequency that you won’t hear them. Even though you don’t hear them, your subconscious mind will. Like I said earlier, your subconscious mind attracts what it hears you think & say.



You now have 3 different ways that are helping you focus on your dream or like some say, instructing your subconscious mind of what you want & why. You see the picture. You read the affirmation. On top of that, your affirmation is read to you at such a high frequency that only your subconscious mind hears. Why is that? A lot of people are doubters. I was one of them. They’ll repeat the quotes, they’ll look at the pictures, but in their hearts, they don’t believe it. Your Conscious Mind is what puts all the negative thoughts in your head.


So, to accelerate getting what you want in the least amount of time, it’s best to bypass the Conscious Mind & send the request to your Subconscious.  Like I said earlier, you’d be surprised at the opportunities that seem to come up out of nowhere. It could be an opportunity in itself. It could be information that you accidentally come across. It could even be someone you meet that knows of something you can do to achieve your dreams. Maybe they’ll offer to help you.  Anything is possible.



Now it’s time to pick out the music you want to play in your movie. I always use upbeat music. The kind that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It just instantly puts you in a good mood. I’m sure you know what kind of music I’m talking about.


Once again, you can pick music from The Mind Movie’s database or download your own. Choose the music that makes you feel the best. The type of music that makes you want to get up & conquer the world.



It makes your motivational level soar. It helps you to remain focused on turning your dream into reality. It makes you want to get up & start working on your goals right now. I can’t speak for you, but that’s what it does for me.


How do you feel when you walk into a Rock Concert that’s already started? How do you feel when you’re at a hockey or football game, and the music starts playing? I bet you can just feel the excitement.


I always tell people, you could walk into Disney Land in the worst mood, but as soon as you hear the music, it just throws you into the best mood. You feel like you’re on top of the world.





I always like to know what’s in the box. I also like knowing how much something is before I buy it. When you purchase Mind Movies 4.0, you ‘ll receive the following:


Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Software
Guided Dream Crystallization Video Class.This video class will teach you how to make your goals and desires for the future as clear as possible.
Law of attraction 101 course (I really liked this one)
A Subliminal Audio that’s custom made. It’ll help you to reprogram your mind for unlimited success effortlessly
You get access to Mind Movies Subliminal Software. You’ll be able to play you Mind Movie in the background of your computer
You’ll have access to courses & training sessions provided from top personal transformational coaches
You’ll get unlimited & lifetime support from their ambassadors
An E-zine every month. It’s filled with all sorts of tips & information
You’ll receive a coaching call with Natalie Ledwell & a guru guest
You’ll have access to their private Facebook group


As of May 22, 2019, Mind Movies 4.0 has 3 different price ranges.


1ST PRICE RANGE: A monthly subscription of $19.99 a month. You can cancel at any time.

2ND PRICE RANGE: A payment of $97.99. That’s for a yearly subscription. It’s the same as paying $8.16 a month. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

3RD PRICE RANGE: A Payment of $149.99. This is for a 2 year subscription. That works out to be $6.24 a month. The money back guarantee is 60 days.


I know for a fact that they stand behind their guarantee.  A few years back I ordered a mini course from them that I didn’t think was worth the money. They never asked me why I wanted the refund. I just received an email informing me the money would be refunded within the next 2 business days.


weigh scale




Is Mind Movies a scam? No, it isn’t. How do I know for sure? I use it all the time & it works for me. You do have to follow the steps. If you’re under the impression that you just have to watch the movie for 3 minutes a day & you’ll get what you want within a month, don’t waste your time or money. My experience is 6-12 months. Take into consideration; my goals aren’t little one. My first one was for a car & I did Manifest it. Right now it’s about purchasing a house in a city that doesn’t get snow. I really dislike the stuff & I’ve put up with it for too many years.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s not impossible to get what you want within a month. You could win the lottery. Someone could buy it for you. You could win it. Miracles do happen. MOST TIMES, you have to work for what you want.


What Mind Movies will do is train your Subconscious Mind to have Razor-Like focus. It will help you concentrate only on what you want to accomplish. You’d be surprised at how many golden opportunities people miss because their minds are focused on how bad things are going for them. Their golden opportunity could be staring them right in the face & they’d miss it because their mind was on something else. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has walked right past someone they knew. Because I was thinking of something else, I didn’t even see them. I’ve even received the comment, “You looked right at me.”


Mind Movies will help you to stay focused on your goal & block out the things that’ll hold you back. Have you ever said, “I’ll never be able to get that in a million years?” That’s your Conscious Mind giving you those thoughts. That’s where Subliminal messages help. By making your vision board, you wouldn’t be getting the subliminal messages.


What’s so great about Subliminals? You can’t hear them & neither can your conscious mind. Your Subconscious Mind can. Whether you believe it or not, your Subconscious Mind will go to work at attracting the people, resources or opportunities that are there to help you accomplish your goal.




1. THE POWER TO TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY: Mind movies can’t make your dream come true, but they can give you the tools & information you need to turn that dream into reality. They also can’t keep you motivated or make you watch your mind movie twice a day. In other words, if you’re only going to look at it once in awhile, it probably Won’t Work. You need to do it every day. Missing a day once in awhile is fine. It’s important to get that constant reminder of what it is you want.


2. THE POWER TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE: Mind Movies can’t make you believe the things you see & say in the movie. Not believing in your dream will probably cause you to fail. If you can’t believe you can do something or get something, you probably won’t. It’s imperative to replace every negative thought that pops into your head during the day with a positive affirmation. It’s also important to really feel what it will be like when your dream does manifest. Feel the excitement.


Mind Movies does its best to help you to believe in yourself. That’s why it sends subliminal messages directly to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind always believes what it hears.


Mind Movies can’t prevent you from dwelling on negative thoughts. They can provide you with the right affirmations to use, but it’s YOU that has to make sure you’re constantly replacing each negative thought you get throughout the day with a positive one.




I decided to get Mind Movies because of how easy it was to set up. I didn’t have time to be cutting pictures out of a magazine, & writing little captions below them. I don’t care much for doing things like that anyways. Besides they take a lot of time & you don’t get the subliminal messages with them.


I think what helped me the most were the Subliminals. When I first started, I chose to manifest a car. In my mind, I was thinking, “yeah, I’m sure mind movies is going to get a car for me.” Instead of just doubting like I had become accustomed to doing about everything, I put my whole heart into following all the steps Natalie laid out in her program. I still couldn’t see how that was going to get my Mercedes-Benz. I always tell people to Dream Big so why wouldn’t I do it myself.


Why do I think it was the Subliminals? I was just horrible at thinking things like:


Only the rich get richer
If something good ever happened to me, the shock would probably kill me
I’d never be able to do that in a million years
I’ll be counting pennies for the rest of my life


It was my conscious mind coming up with the thoughts I listed above. The Subliminals go directly to your subconscious mind. As I said earlier, your subconscious mind hears what you think & say & takes it literally. In other words, it’ll start providing you with things like people, resources & the opportunities you need to turn your dream into reality.


It wasn’t just the Subliminals. Between the pictures, affirmations & motivational music, I could almost feel what it would be like to see my dream turn into reality. It’s like listening to a motivational speaker. When you leave, you feel like you’re on top of the world. You feel like you could go out and accomplish anything. Once again, when you don’t take any action, your motivational level drops pretty quick. The motivational speaker isn’t going to be there day after day to keep you focused & motivated. Once again you go back to getting all those lousy thoughts in your head.


Mind Movies was there for me every day. I listened to it twice a day. That’s what worked best for me. Every once in awhile, when I started doubting myself, I watched my movie. It just picked me right up. I’m totally shocked at the opportunities & resources I came across when I was focused. They were probably there all along & I was just too blind to see them because I was focused on the negative things in my life.


I know, you’re probably wondering about my car. Did I get my Mercedes-Benz? No. I did get a brand new car. It was a Pontiac G5. I know, it was a long ways off from the car I wanted. At the time I wanted to manifest a car, I was next to being broke. I had to budget for everything. My car was rusted out. My mechanic told me it wasn’t worth fixing so just drive it until it breaks down completely.


Was I upset about not getting the car of my dreams? Absolutely not. With my financial situation at that time, a Pontiac G5 was like winning the lottery to me. I still have it. It’s a reminder that dreams do come true. It did take me just about a year. It was well worth the wait. So NEVER GIVE UP.

If you think mind movies is a program you’ll have time for to help turn your dreams into reality, click the button below.





Just so that you know what you’re getting into, it does take a bit longer in the beginning.  Follow Natalie’s instructions step-by-step.


Included in Mind Movies 4.0 is Law Of Attraction 101.  It’s a good course.  It just takes a few minutes a day to go through.  I’ve taken it & I really liked it.  Don’t skip it.


Then there are the courses & training sessions from top transformational coaches.  I did those when I had some extra time in the day.  You might be able to go through them faster than I did.


Once you’re finished, it’ll take you 3-6 minutes a day. The movies I make are about 5 minutes. Three minutes are good enough. You don’t have to make them 5 minutes like me. The good thing about Mind Movies is you can download it to your desktop, iPad or any other device that you can watch a movie on.


Now here’s the important thing. You have to listen to it once a day for sure but twice is better. It takes about 3 minutes to watch. If you happen to miss a day, it’s not the end of the world. Just continue on the next day.


What works best for me is watching Mind Movies when I get up in the morning. I like starting my day being reminded of what I’ll soon have. I’ll have to admit; it does put me in a good mood. I also watch it just before I go to bed. You don’t have to do what I do. Pick a time that’s best for you. There really isn’t a perfect time.




This clip is Oprah Winfrey interviewing Steve Harvey about his Vision Board.


No, Steve Harvey isn’t using Mind Movies. He’s just telling people about how a vision board has worked so well in his life.


The important thing to take away from this video is, always keep your goals visible.


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If you’ve used Mind Movies before, let us know what your wish was & what you did to work towards manifesting it into your life. Let us know what you liked about the program, how much time you spent on it every day, & if you didn’t like something.


To read my reviews on other products click the link,  Manifestationprotal.com/manifestation-products.  Thanks for stopping by the Manifestation Portal. I hope my Mind Movies Review has helped make your decision a little easier.

4 thoughts on “MIND MOVIES

  1. When I first started I tried making my own recording too. I just don’t have the voice for it. I still say it was the subliminals that I didn’t hear that helped me the most. To this day, I still use mind movies for each new goal I want to reach. I then combine it with one of the programs I’ve taken in the past for an extra boost. I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it works for me.

    All the best to you now & in the future.

  2. I would like to try Mind Movies. I tried making my own mind movies on the computer using PowerPoint, I made 2. None of the things I put on my homemade mind movies came to pass. That was several years ago and now having learnt new things I think the 2 main things that made it not work were: Not using subliminals. Like you I was and still am a super Doubting Thomas and I would argue with every affirmation in my mind movies as I read them, for example: “Abundance is always entering into my life.” Me: No it’s not can’t you see I’m jobless and flat broke? A friend suggested I try recording myself saying the affirmations and so I ended up picking on my voice too: What a raucous voice I have I sound like a crow etc. etc. The second thing I did that made it not work, I think, was choosing very sad music. I love sad music, that’s why I chose it. But I left every viewing session feeling so down and in the blues and I couldn’t understand why, now I think it was the music. But knowing all these things now I think I am not going to bother trying to make my own new mind movies, I think I’m just going to try getting Mind Movies. Besides which they have subliminals. Thanks for this super informative post!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    What I do is go to youtube.com. In the search bar at the top, I type in uplifting or motivational music royalty-free. You can put in the type of music you like. Just put royalty-free after that. When I find songs that are really uplifting, I download them to my computer & set it up so they play one after the other. This is the type of music I like listening to first thing in the morning. It really helps to get me going. You could even burn them to a cd. You can also download the songs you picked to your MindMovie. All the songs that are on my MindMovie are the ones I found on YouTube.

    I hope this helps you.

  4. Question?
    Do you have any suggestions for music other than what’s on the MM web site?
    I’m a “senior” so definitely want something inspiring and/or peppy with a beat that is life giving.

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