DIY Meditation

DIY Guided Meditation works just as well as a higher-priced online meditation program.


When it comes to DIY Meditation, there are actually two types. One is with the spoken word. The other type of guided meditation is with subliminals.


Meditation is the 3rd most important thing when it comes to the manifestation of your dream.


Will your dreams turn into reality if you don’t meditate? There’s a good chance they will as long as you stay focused on your goal & take action. What meditation will do is help you reach your goal a lot faster.


If you haven’t read my article on the most important step, you can read it at, DIY Visualization. My 2nd important step can be found at, DIY Affirmations. Each one helps to accelerate the time it’ll take you to reach your goal a bit more.




1. What Is Meditation For
2. Things Never To Do When Meditating
3. How To Meditation- 4 Steps
4. Alternative To DIY Guided Meditation




7 Ways Meditation Can Speed Up Your SuccessMeditation is a technique used to train your mind. Don’t worry, your fully conscious when you meditate. When it comes to the LOA, meditation helps to shut out what’s going on around you. With all the distractions out of your mind, you can focus solely on what you want.


The following are 7 reasons why people use meditation to speed up their success. There’s a lot more, but these are the ones that I consider are the most important:


Makes Our Brain Work Better. Gives Us More Clarity (to process information faster & be able to make decisions faster)
Helps Us To Focus On What We Want & Come Up With Ideas
Increases Our Imagination & Creativity
Helps Us Learn & Retain What We Learn
Increases Our Attention Span
Helps To Reduce Negative Emotions
Increases Our Patience


Just think, if you add meditation to visualization & affirmations, that could very well triple your speed. It’ll definitely decrease the time it’ll take you to see your dream turn into reality.



5 Meditation Mistakes People Make




Remember, your subconscious mind works at attracting the things you’re talking & thinking about. When you start to meditate, be cautious of any negative thoughts that start creeping in. You don’t want to be doing any of the following 5 things.


1. Lose your focus & start thinking about what happened at work that day.

2. All of a sudden you remember who said what & how angry it made you.

3. Start thinking about things you have to get done that day.

4. Start meditating when you’re tired & find yourself falling asleep before the session is over.

5. Doing your meditation in a place where you know, there’s a possibility of being interrupted.


These are just to name a few. Be cautious of any negative thoughts creeping in. Kick them out right away. Don’t dwell on them. You don’t have to start over. Just keep going. The more negative thoughts you let in & dwell on, the farther you push yourself away from success.


When meditating, it’s crucial to concentrate only on what you want to bring into your life. When you meditate, to manifest one of your dreams, you’re reminding your subconscious of what it is you want. The clearer & the more times you remind it, the quicker you’ll see results.


Turn your Guided Meditation into a daily habit. You don’t have to meditate for 1 hour a day. There are some days I just spend 5 minutes.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You make time to brush your teeth every morning, don’t you? Then you can find time to make meditation a daily ritual too.






Like with most things in life, you need the how to’s when it comes to meditating to see the best results.


Before we get started, let’s get something straight. You don’t have to sit in a cross-legged position & burn candles while you meditate. If you enjoy doing that, then go ahead. Personally, I like laying down. It’s the way I relax the best. If you’d like to meditate while walking through the park, go for it.


The important thing is to find a spot & position that you find relaxing & peaceful. Make sure it’s a place where you won’t have interruptions. Don’t forget to shut off your phone, cell phone & all other gadgets that can interrupt you.


Step #1

We’ll start with guided imagery. Get a pen & paper and write down your dream as vividly as possible. Don’t forget to use all 5 of your senses when describing it. If you need a quick refresher course, follow my steps in, DIY Visualization.


Turn your imagery into a story. Pretend you’re walking around a day in your life that you want with a reporter. Tell the reporter your story from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed. Once you’ve written your guided meditation script, go on to step #2.


Step #2

FREE METHOD #1: Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder. It works on Mac or Windows. You do have to download the program to your computer to produce your guided meditation MP3 or CD. Just a warning, it takes some time to figure out how everything works. The company does provide tutorials for you to follow.


FREE METHOD #2 – Voice Recorder. If you have a voice recorder, all you need is a nice quiet place to make your recording. If you don’t have one, you can a recorder pretty cheap on Amazon.


The next thing you need to do is find some music. Choose music that you find relaxing or peaceful. Don’t pick something that’ll put you to sleep. You can get all sorts of free meditation music downloads from u-tube. If you want some music with brain entrainment added, my favorite is by, Steven Halpern. If you don’t like his music, there are all sorts of meditation music on Amazon. Why meditate with music? It helps you to relax & stay focused. It helps you get rid of the negativity from your life.


Now for the actual recording. Play the music that you picked. As the music is playing, record your meditation script. Make the recording 15 minutes long. When I first started, I had 3 different recordings. One was 5 minutes, one 10 and one of them was 15 minutes long. If my day was incredibly hectic, I used the 5-minute recording. Most days I managed to meditate for 15. It’s better to meditate for 5 minutes then not meditate at all.


Step #3

Pick a time each day that you know you won’t be interrupted. It has to be a time that’s convenient for you. If you know you probably won’t have time first thing in the morning, don’t try to squeeze it in. You’ll only end up frustrated & not focusing on what you want.


I love doing morning meditation. It’s just a great way to start my day — focusing on my dream. It’s important to find a time that’s convenient for you. You don’t have to meditate every day. A few times a week is fine.


Step #4

Get rid of the electronics. That means putting your cell phone on silent. Shut off your landline & let the answering machine take your calls. Turn off your computer. How bad do you want that dream to turn into reality?


If you have headsets, use them. As you play the music & listen to your voice, visualize everything you’re saying. Focus and concentrate on what’s being said. It’s important not to let your mind wander off. If your mind does start wandering off, stop as soon as you realize it & start focusing again on what you’re listening to.


If you add Meditation to diy-visualization and diy-affirmations, you have a fool-proof plan to Manifesting your dreams in the least amount of time.


Best Guided Meditation Programs On Line




Like with visualization & affirmations, there’s an alternative to my DIY Meditation too. My recommendation is Brain Sync or Hypnosis Live. Before you make any decision, read my review on both programs below.




Brain Sync is produced by Kelly Howell. She’s a 6-time National Bestselling audio author. The Mayo Clinic cited her as being renowned for her work with healing & mind expansion. When you have someone like the Mayo Clinic praising someone for something you know it has to be good.


The program can be purchased at At the time of this writing, Brain Sync has an offer of buy 3 MP’3 & get one free or buy 2 CD’s & get one free. You can also purchase them from Amazon. If you’re thinking of purchasing more than one, the better deal is at Brain Sync.


WARNING: I just want to warn you about a couple of things when purchasing a meditation program. One thing I listen for is the person’s voice & the quality of the recording. I’ve listened to recordings where the person’s voice was more irritating than calming.


I know everyone is different & I’m sure many won’t agree with me on my next point, but I’ll say it anyway. One thing I really dislike in a meditation recording is birds chirping. I have sensitive ears & birds chirping with my headset on just seems to pierce my ears. Not everyone likes the same sounds so make sure it’s music you find relaxing


BrainSync has several categories. Depending on what it is you want to overcome or manifest into your life, I’m sure they’ll be something there for you.


BRAIN SYNC WARNING: Brain sync has two types of meditation. One is with music & the spoken word. The other one is music & silent subliminal messages. If you decide to purchase one, make sure it’s the type you want.


The great thing about Brain Sync is that they let you listen to a sample of all their meditation programs. For the subliminals, they have a list of what’s said in each. The subliminals are embedded in the music. You don’t hear them but your subconscious mind will.


There’s a slight humming in the background. The humming is the brain entrainment theta waves.


Prositive Reviews Thumbs UpPROS: Super easy. You just put a headset on, press play & listen. It’s not expensive. To me, Kelly Howell’s voice is soothing. You can listen to a sample of any program before you make a purchase. Brain Sync has a 60-day money-back guarantee on their CD’s only. Unlike many other programs, you can focus on exactly what you want. You’re not paying for something you’re not going to use.


Thumbs DownCONS: You don’t get to pick your own affirmations. Unless you buy more than one CD or MP3, you’re listening to the same music every time. If you download an MP3, there’s no refund so make sure it’s what you want. Like I said earlier, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.




Yes, Hypnosis is a form of meditation. It helps you keep your mind focused on want you want in life or your goal. It helps to retrain your brain.


Hypnosis Live is recorded by Julie-Ann Amos. She’s a master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner & hypnotherapist with a British accent. She specializes in conversational hypnosis and is a successful author on many self-help topics. Each session integrates guided imagery, music & binaural beats.


I meditate quite often using hypnosis. You’re not being ‘controlled’ by anyone else. You’re not unconscious, or asleep & you don’t go into a trance. You have full control over your life. Hypnosis just helps you to stay focused. It helps reprogram your mind, in the most beneficial way.


Hypnosis Live has over 200 high-quality recordings. If you have a problem you want to overcome, hypnosis is great. Maybe you want to overcome procrastination. Maybe you want to learn how to become successful in life. Whatever problem you have or whatever you want to acquire, I’m sure Hypnosis Live has a recording to help you. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas will pop up when you’re listening to a recording.


You can download the recordings from,, or Amazon.


Prositive Reviews Thumbs UpPROS They’re made by a highly qualified professional. You can listen to samples of each recording, so you know what you’re getting. Each recording is very affordable. They have a 14-day refund policy. You can save by buying a pack of 4.


Thumbs DownCONS: – You don’t get to pick your affirmations. Unless you buy more than one CD or MP3, you’re listening to the same music every time.


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  1. I also love Kelly Howell. Give it a try. I really enjoyed it. I like to switch things up once in awhile so I’m not doing the same thing over and over.

  2. You’re welcome, Grace. Do give meditation a try. I always find that when I meditate, I get a lot of great ideas.

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