Brain Evolution System

Brain Evolution SystemThe Brain Evolution System, or BrainEv for short, is an audio brainwave entrainment program.


It consists of ONLY SAFE & proven sounds that have been specially-crafted to synchronize your Brain Waves. You can watch the video at the end where they explain how it’s made & how it helps you.


This Brain wave therapy, influences & turbo charges your brain to work at its full capacity. I guess you could say it’s a Virtual Gym for your brain. You’re actually training your brain to think like a GENIUS.


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1. What is the Brain Evolution System?
2. What’s so great about BrainEv?
3. What’s Included in the Brain Evolution Course
4. How much time do you need
5. Who Shouldn’t Use The Brain Evolution System
6. My personal review on the brain evolution system (good & bad)
7. YouTube Video


If you want to test drive it first, click on Free Brainwave Entrainment.




What is BrainEv? BrainEv is a scientifically-proven 6 level brainwave entrainment program. It helps to train your brainwaves to work at full capacity. This entrainment will help you double your ability to learn something, solve problems better and be able to achieve your goals quicker.


What impresses me about this company is, it uses over 100 years of Scientific Brainwave Research when making their programs. Unlike many other companies out there, they don’t use cheap freeware to produce their products. You’d be surprised at how many companies do this. What upsets me the most is they charge the same price as a high quality brainwave entrainment program. Be careful what you purchase.


Their brainwave optimization program was finally achieved by incorporating Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Temporal Brainwave Entrainment (known as 3P D.E. A.P.), into their MP3’s. This in turn helps you to stay focused & determined to reach your goal.


The Brain Evolution, meditation program, will help you accomplish the following:


Improve Your Concentration & Increase Your Ability To Focus.
Help You To Release Your Stress So You Can Concentrate Better
Trains Your Brain To Think Like That Of A GENIUS
Helps to Unlock Your Hidden Talent
Increases The Speed Of Reaching Your Goals
Increases Your Confidence
Accelerates Your Learning Ability
Gives You The ability to have Razor-Sharp focus
Increases Your Comprehension
Helps You To Retain What You’ve Learned
Improves Your Memory
Helps You To Think Creatively & Be Able To Easily Solve Problems
Increases Your Energy Level


Always look for the guarantee when purchasing any program. The Brain Evolution System has a 7 month money back guarantee. This is how it works. You try it for 30 days FREE & then you’re charged for the next 3 months. If for some reason you didn’t see results after 7 months, your money is refunded.

If you think this program is for you, just go to




The Brain Evolution System incorporates 4 types of brainwaves into their MP3’s


Beta Waves – Helps you remain alert & focused
Alpha Waves – Removes stress for better concentration on your goals
Theta Waves – Improves your imagination & thinking
Delta Waves – Helps you get the rest you need. It triggers your body’s healing & growth


Their program is digitally mastered with each level containing over 100 separate audio tracks.


what is included with Brainev




The Brain Evolution people don’t just send you the product & then forget about you. You’ll be getting the following.

6 separate MP3 levels of brain entrainment
Video Support
Lifetime support from their specialists


How Long does BrainEv TakeHOW MUCH TIME DO YOU NEED?


To be successful, you do require 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.


Don’t start procrastinating and coming up with excuses & don’t let me hear you say you don’t have an extra 30 minutes in a day. I made that mistake. Now I’m saying, “why didn’t I make time for this ten years ago?”


All you need is a set of stereo headphones. You can download the program to your MP3 player, iPhone app or android.


You use each of the tracks for a month. Don’t worry, it won’t take six months to see results. I started to see results when I reached the second month.


After you put on your headphones, all you have to do is:


  1. Make sure you’re in a place that you won’t be disturbed in any way.
  2. Shut your phones, computer or any other gadget you have off
  3. Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on your couch or bed
  4. Press play
  5. Listen and relax


Remember, coming up with excuses only fades your dreams. If you constantly have people around you, get up 30 minutes before they do. I used to listen to it when I was getting ready to go to work. Sometimes I would listen to it during my noon hour at work. If you can’t get up early, sit out in your car if your have too. (Do not listen to it while driving) It’s imperative you stay determined & focused to be successful at attracting all the things you want into your life.


Brain Evolution System For Meditation

warning about using brainev


Before you use the Brain Evolution System, please check with your physician first if you have any of the following health Issues.


You’re An Epileptic
You’re Pregnant
You Have A Pacemaker
You Have Seizures




The Brain Evolution Program was one of the first programs I tried. In fact, I still use it. No matter what program you use, there’s always things you like & don’t like about it. I’ll start with the things I liked.


Most of my life my concentration level has been more than low. For some reason, I just couldn’t focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes. As for my memory, well that wasn’t the greatest either.


At the end of the 1st month, I noticed a very small improvement in being able to focus on my goal & stay focused. I was honestly going to ask for a refund. I had very little patience at that time. I was one of those people that almost expected miracles. A friend of mine told me, “You’re giving up before you even start. No wonder you never finish what you start.” I guess you could say it was her that talked me into trying the program for 1 more month.


By the end of the second month, I started seeing a big difference. I wasn’t stressed all the time. I was able to focus on my goals for longer periods of time. I was coming up with all sorts of new ideas. What surprised me the most was, I wasn’t exhausted all the time. For the longest time I used to think I had chronic fatigue syndrome.


END OF 6 MONTHS: Each month the things in my life improved bit by bit. By the end of six months, I couldn’t believe the difference. I swear I was born with a horrible memory. I went from having a terrible memory to remembering most things without writing them down. For me, that was shocking.


My ability to learn something new had to have, at least, doubled. My concentration increased, I’m sure, 10 times. This I’m sure helped me to stay determined to reach my goal a lot sooner than what it would have normally took me. I couldn’t believe the new ideas that would just pop into my heard while I was working.


LIKED THE MOST: One thing I really like about this program is that I can use it to meditate on anything. Because it’s just different brainwaves, I’m not being told the same affirmations over & over day after day. Also, some brain entrainment programs have a really annoying hum in the background. Some people don’t have a problem with that but I do.


After I finished my six months, I started using it at night when I went to bed. The sounds you hear on the mp3 are just so relaxing.


Brain Evolutio System Review Negative Points

When I first started BrainEv, my life was more than hectic. I knew finding 30 minutes a day was going to be a problem. Because my life, at that time, was going more & more down hill, I knew I would somehow have to just make the time. I sometimes left for work 30 minutes early & just sat in my car & listened to it.


Besides from it being a bit long, I’d have to say the price was the only other thing I didn’t like. Actually for a high quality product, the price isn’t really that bad.


HOW DO I USE BRAIN EV? Right now, I use BrainEv when I go to sleep at night. I climb into bed & press play. I have the best sleep when I listen to this while going to sleep. I don’t seem to wake up 5 times in the middle of the night anymore. I don’t use it during the day now as I want to review other programs. This is just an extra bonus for me now to destress before bed & to keep me focused the next day. Also, it’s kind of nice to switch it up once in awhile.


I know what you’re thinking. What good is it doing you when you fall asleep before the program ends? Don’t forget, your subconscious mind can hear things even when you don’t.


If BrainEv is for you, click Brain Evolution System Download.


If you don’t think this program is for you, don’t give up. Remember, if you don’t give up, you can’t fail. There’s another high quality meditation program that I’ve already tried. It’s called Omharmonics. You can read my review by clicking on, OMHARMONICS.




Watch the following video on the Brain Evolution System. It’ll give you a good ideal of the high quality product it is. He also explains how it helps to improve your life.





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I hope my article has helped you understand, what is the brain evolution system? If you’ve already taken the program, let us know what you like or didn’t like. How has it improved your life? If you’re just starting the program, wait until you’ve finished your 6 months & then leave a review below.


Thanks for stopping to read my review on the, Brain Evolution System.

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