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DIY Visualization works just as well as a highly priced Visualization Program.


It’s important to learn how to visualize success or whatever you want to manifest into your life. Visualization is one of the most important steps when it comes to successfully manifesting something you want. It’s not the only step but to me, it’s the most important.


I’ll give you examples of what I do and you can just duplicate the process with whatever you want most in life.


It’s easier than you think. The hard part is turning visualization into a daily habit. If you can’t find time for my DIY visualization techniques, or don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing, take a look at the top rated visualization program I have listed at the end of this article.


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1. What Can I Wish For
2. How To Visualization (3 Steps)
3. 3 Visualization Exercises
4. What Visualization Is Really For
5. Best Visualization Software




DREAM BIG. Now is not the time to be modest. I’m sorry, but I’m not wishing for a nice little house to own. I’m wishing for a gorgeous house with ceiling to floor windows. I want a house on the edge of a river. It’s going to be at a destination that has nice warm winters. Always write down what you want and why.


To begin with, I’d recommend concentrating on one thing. My reason is, if you pick three or four things, it’s a lot harder to stay focused & motivated. I picked about three things when I first started. It didn’t take long for me to become overwhelmed. Did you know that once you become overwhelmed, your success rate drops by about 85%?


Just wait to your 1st dream comes true. That’ll give you all the motivation you could ever wish for to go on to your second wish. Don’t roll your eyes at me. It will happen if you follow my instructions.




For success in any area of your life, you need the HOW TO’s. When it comes to visualization, start with creating your Wishing Board. Some people call it their vision board. Some call it their virtual dream board. I prefer to call it my Wishing Board.


To learn how to visualize, please follow the next three visualization techniques exactly. Don’t skip any. I do this every time I want to manifest something into my life & it works. Visualization isn’t the only thing you have to do to manifest something but we’ll start here first.


To help you succeed, I’ll give you examples from my life. Like I said earlier, just copy what I do but replacing it with what you want.




I wrote down, a winter home. I want this house to be some place where it’s nice & warm. Where I live its usually around -40 in the winter. Along with the -40, we get a lot of snow. I really dislike snow. I don’t like cold weather either.


The main reason I want a winter home is because of my health. I won’t get into that now. What I’m trying to say is, the more important it is for your wish to materialize, the more motivated you’ll be & the more motivated you’ll stay.


If you think this step is stupid or don’t believe it’ll work, do it anyways. What have you got to loose?


Do you really want to be asking yourself, in a few years from now, “I wonder if it would have worked if I tried?” In 5 years from today, do you still want to have the same things you have now? I would hope you’d want a lot more.


IMPORTANT: The more important your reason is for getting something, the easier it’ll be to stay focused & the harder you’ll work for it.


According to Psychology Today, there is power in visualization.




It’s important to have crystal clear images. Always remember, the more vivid your picture is, the easier it is for your subconscious mind to help you. The more vivid your picture is, the more you’ll be able to stay focused & motivated.


MAKE VISION BOARD: To do this, download pictures of your Dream incorporating as many of your five senses as you can. Your visualizations can also be pictures you cut out of magazines.


I use a FREE Photo Editor called CANVA. I downloaded a picture of a house with a deck. I found a picture of myself sitting in a lawn chair drinking coffee. Another photo had a river going through a forest. I’ve always wanted to live by a river or stream. The trees looked like they were blowing in the wind. I found a picture of Barkley (my dog) chewing on a bone. That one I put beside my chair. I put a picture of my cat, Grumpy, on my lap. I also put some tropical birds in the trees. Because I used Canva, I just printed my picture out.


IMPORTANT: In the above visualization picture, I’ve incorporated all five senses.


Sight: I see the beautiful house, deck, scenery, birds and my pets.

Sound: I hear the birds singing and Barkley chewing on his bone.

Taste: Trust me, I have no trouble tasting the coffee I’m drinking.

Smell: I can definitely smell the coffee I’m drinking too. I can smell the forest & pretty flowers.

Touch: I can feel the warm breeze against my face and the soft fur on Grumpy’s back.


3. Now, if your pictures are from magazines, cut them all out & arrange them how you want. My final picture is about 8.5 x 11. Place them in places where you’ll be constantly running into them.


One of them I framed (no you don’t have to frame any). The one I framed, I put in my bedroom on my night table. That’s so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. I put one on the inside of my bedroom closet door. One is on the inside of the pantry door & the last one is on my desk.


Exercises For Visualization




1. Every time you see your photo, stop for a few seconds and stare at everything in the picture.


2. Twice a day, for about 2 minutes, look at your photo. Use all five senses to Visualize everything in it. Don’t just visualize it. Emotionalize it. Let’s say you want to manifest a car. Now, lets say I just knocked on your door & said, “Here’s the car you wanted. I’m giving it to you as a gift.” How excited would you be? It’s important to feel that Excitement.


3. Just before you go to bed, Visualize & Emotionalize everything in your picture one more time.


Do this for a week. That means all 7 days. Do not skip a day. You know you can find an extra 10 minutes in your day to work towards something you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve made it a daily habit to visualize & emotionalize, add Affirmations to it. Click the link below for my DIY Affirmation Steps. It’ll help to accelerate the time it’ll take you to turn your wish into reality.





Visualization is for helping you to stay focused on what your end result is going to be. It’s a constant reminder of what you want & why. It stirs up excitement in you, every time you see the photo. The more excited you feel about something, the more motivated you’ll become & stay. So, Visualization is also for helping you to keep your motivational levels running in high gear. The more you can visualize & emotionalize what you want, the faster you’ll manifest it.


To sum it up, visualization is to help you accelerate the time it’ll take to turn your dream into reality.




online vision boardIf you don’t have time to do the above steps or don’t want others to know what you’re up to (with the pictures all over the house) use my favorite visualization program.


When it comes to Virtual Vision Boards, the best I’ve found so far is, Mind Movies.


If you have a busy lifestyle, it only takes 3 minutes twice a day. Come on! You have a spare 3 minutes in the morning. I’m sure you can find another 3 minutes sometime throughout your day.


I have Mind Movies myself & use it every morning. It helps to give my subconscious mind a reminder of what it is I’m working towards. It also helps me to stay even more focused & motivated.


For my Detailed Review on Mind Movies, go to MindMovies Review




I love this program. You actually make a movie of the life you want or something you want in life. You can even have you & your friends in it.


Mind Movies has a large data base of photos, affirmations & music. You can download your own if you want. I downloaded my own. Once you tell Mind Movies the pictures, affirmations & music you want, they then embed Brain Entrainment into it. After they process it for you, all you have to do is down load it to your computer. You can also get the Mind Movies app. The app is free. All you have to do now is put a set of headphones on. Press Play. Watch & Listen.

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