Five Keys For Success


MAKE A WISH – Key #1


The first of my Five Keys For Success is to make a wish. Yes, make a wish!! Make it a Really Big Wish.


Some people call it, setting your intention or setting a goal. I prefer to call it, making a wish.


If you could have anything you wanted, but you could only pick one thing, what would it be?


Don’t pick something you know you could get by just putting a little bit of effort into it. Dream Big. My first wish was for a car & I manifested it. No, I didn’t have an abundance of money. I was almost broke. My car, at that time, was ready to fall apart.


So yes, you can make a wish come true by following my 5 Keys For Success. I did it & I know You Can Too.


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2. Key Number 3
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4. Key Number 5
5 Tips To Accelerate Manifestation Time
6. What If You Don’t Have Time To Manifest Your Dream





Visualization is Key Number Two. I’m sure you’ve heard people say if you can Visualize Vividly, you can Manifest anything. SORRY, THEY’RE WRONG.


This is how it really works. The clearer you learn how to visualize, the more focused you’ll become. The more focused you are, the more motivated you’ll become. When you constantly have something on your mind, you somehow find the time to get it done.


Visualizing your dream can’t be something you do once a week. Try a couple of times a day & see the difference it makes. You don’t have to spend a hour a day at it. It could be a minute here & a minute there. The secret is to keep it on your mind.


Sorry, I’m not listening if you’re trying to tell me you don’t have spare time in your day. I’m sure you have a couple of minutes a day for visualization.


Like I said earlier, the more you visualize, the more focused you become. Why is it so important to have razor-like focus? By being focused, you constantly have your goal or your wish on the back of your mind.


You’d be surprised at how many ideas seem to pop up that’ll help you get closer to that goal of yours. What I find is, when I’m really focused, I seem to come across ideas, information or people that can actually help me accomplish what I want. All 3 just seem to come out of nowhere.


Having razor-like focus also increases your motivational level & helps you to remain motivated. When you’re highly motivated, you’ll find that you’re making time to work on turning your dream into reality. It always seems to be on your mind.


You’ll find procrastination is becoming a thing of the past. Right now, it’s not important how you’re going to accomplish it. Like I said earlier, when you’re focused, ideas, information & people that can help turn your dream into reality, seem to keep turning up.


If you can’t afford a visualization program, you can follow my do-it-yourself plan. Throughout this website, I always try to come up with something that’s FREE. That’s whenever I can. I know what it’s like to be flat broke & you need something.


If you want my FREE, step-by-step, DIY Visualization Guide (no, I don’t need your e-mail address), click on, DIY Visualization and read the article I wrote on it.




The MIND MOVIES electronic vision board is my favorite. I’ve used it for a few years now. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best Visualization Program on the market today & it doesn’t cost you an arm & a leg like some do.


Mind Movies is an online Video Vision Board. You pick the pictures, affirmations, & music you want or you can download your own. Mind Movies will actually turn it into a movie for you.


They even embed brain entrainment into the movie. Brain Entrainment trains your Brain or Subconscious Mind to work at its full capacity. Remember, it’s your subconscious mind that does most of the work. Just think of how much that’s going to speed up turning your dream into reality. All you have to do is watch it for 5 minutes twice a day.


Once again, I’m not listening if you say you don’t have a spare 10 minutes in your day. I know you do.


If you want a detailed review of Mind Movies, click on, Mind Movies and read my review.

If you want to start using it right now just click on, Buy Mind Movies.


For a full course on Visualization, Lisa Nichols has an excellent one called, The Power of Creative Visualization. Lisa was featured in the movie, The Secret. She teaches you how to access the dormant power of your mind to manifest abundance.






Visualization & Affirmations go hand in hand. What’s the big deal about affirmations? When you’re visualizing, you’re showing your subconscious mind what you want. When you use affirmations, you’re actually telling it what you want. Watch what you Think & Say. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction. It can’t tell if you’re just joking. What it hears you think & say is what it’ll work towards attracting for you.


When I get ready to go on holidays, I make a list of the things I have to take. That’s what I’m focusing on — the things I’ll need. Now, I could be doing the dishes & not even thinking about what I should take with me. All of a sudden, something I’ll need will just pop up in my head. In other words, even though I wasn’t focusing on it, my subconscious mind was. I’m sure the same thing has happened to you.


Now if you’ve purchased Mind Movies, the affirmations are embedded into the movie. It’s not necessary to purchase an affirmation program. Mind Movies is a Visualization Program with both Audio & Visual affirmations in it.


Once again, if you can’t afford it, use my FREE Step-by-Step Affirmation Guide (don’t need your e-mail address) click on DIY Affirmations & read the article I wrote on it.




What has worked best for me when it comes to affirmations, is a program called, Mindzoom 2.


You don’t need any extra time for this. You just turn it on when you’re on your computer & the program deals with training your subconscious mind.


I still use MindMovies twice a day, but when I’m on my computer, I turn on MindZoom to increase my focus, motivation & determination even more.


Mindzoom’s subliminal affirmations’ program is good for people who have next to no spare time. It’s funny. When we don’t have spare time in a day, we always seem to find time to go on our computers.


Mindzoom flashes Subliminal Affirmations across your computer screen at such a high speed you don’t notice them. As they flash across your screen, they are also being read to you (that’s if you want). Once again, it’s being read at such a high frequency that you don’t hear them. Even though you don’t hear them, your subconscious mind does.


What’s So Good About Mindzoom? It bypasses your Conscious Mind & talks directly to your Subconscious Mind. It’s your Conscious Mind that slows down your progress. It’s your conscious mind that starts to put doubts in your head when your wish doesn’t materialize right away.


Like with Mind Movies, Mindzoom lets you download your own affirmations (you can also pick from their library of affirmations). In other words, you can focus precisely on your wish.


If you want to read my detailed review click, MINDZOOM 2 REVIEW.

If you want to purchase MindZoom & get started right away just click, Buy MindZoom 2.





Does meditation work? Will your wish come true if you don’t meditate? Yes, meditation does work & yes your wish will come true if you don’t meditate. Quite often it will take longer but not always.


What is Meditation For? It’s for meditating on your goal which will make your determination & motivational levels soar. When you meditate on what you want, you can actually use all 5 of your senses for maximum results. Taste it, Feel it, See it, Hear it, Smell it. You’re focusing on the end result.


If you’re absolutely against meditation or don’t have time for it and you have the patience to wait, then you can skip this step.


For my FREE step-by-step DIY Meditation guide (no need for your e-mail address) click DIY Guided Meditation.




There are many good programs on the market, but my all-time favorite is, OmHarmonics.


You do need extra time in your day for Omharmonics. You need at least 15 minutes. That’s 15 minutes when you know, for sure, they’ll be no interruptions.


Be careful not to take on too much at one time. The last thing you want is to get frustrated. You’ll end up procrastinating or even worse quitting.


Click Omharmonics for my detailed review.

If you want to learn how to meditate right now, click Buy Omharmonics.




Omharmonics is a meditation program that uses cutting-edge MRT technology. Their music aligns your brainwaves & helps you stay focused on your wish. It puts a stop to restlessness & mental chatter.


What I like about Omharmonics is that they have a 15 minute & 30-minute version. On busy days you can meditate for 15 minutes.


All you have to do is put a set of headphones on. As you listen, imagine your wish using all 5 of your senses.


The problem I have with meditation programs is my mind drifts off easily. With Omharmonics, I seemed to be able to concentrate a lot better without drifting off or falling asleep.







This is the most important step of all. It’s also the hardest of all.


Get it wrong & you could very well slow down the process of seeing your wish materialize.



The best way I can teach you how to feel success is with an example.


Let’s pretend I’m a really close friend of yours. I’ve known you most of my life. You know that whatever I say is the truth. I’m not the type of person who plays jokes on people. I don’t even exaggerate.


You receive a phone call from me. I tell you that I’m on my way to your place with a surprise. I also mention you’ll never have to work again. You’ll be able to buy anything you want. You’ll even be able to go on vacation as often as you want.


What would you think? You’d probably think I won a lottery & were going to share it with you. The thing is, you don’t know how much money I’ll be giving you or if I even won the lottery. How excited would you be? Remember, I’m the type of person that’s honest, never jokes around or exaggerates.


Would your imagination be going wild thinking of all the things you’re going to buy & do? Would your excitement level be the highest it’s ever been in your life? I’ll bet you the 10 minutes it takes for me to get to your place will seem like a hour to you.


It’s important to feel the excitement you’ll have when your dream turns into reality. The more you can do this, the more you accelerate your speed at getting what you want. It’s up to you. How fast do you want your wish to come true?


law of attraction tips




I can’t stress this enough. Don’t try to learn & do everything all at once. Trust me; you’ll become overwhelmed, frustrated & procrastination will begin to set in.


1. Start with your Wish. Pick one thing you want to manifest into your life the most. Don’t make it something simple. Dream Big.


2. Visualize your dream. Visualize it for a couple of weeks twice a day or until you have it mastered. By mastered I mean, it has become a habit.


3. Once you have Visualization mastered, begin with affirmations. Still, do the visualizations but also add the affirmations. Do this until it’s a habit too. You can do the same for key number 3, 4 & 5.


It’s all about discipline. Discipline yourself to do all of my Five Keys For Success every day & you’ll have yourself a foolproof manifestation plan. Remember, you have to work at making your dream come true. It won’t just fall from the sky like some people try & make you believe.


The whole purpose of the Manifestation Portal is to help people. I don’t sugar coat anything. I tell you the way I see it or from what I’ve experienced.





If you don’t have time to do all 5 Keys For Success, that’s ok. There are some days I don’t have time to do all 5 & my wishes still manifest.


Do as many of the 5 keys above as you can. It’s important to do something every day.


When I have hectic days, I always do the visualization and affirmations. At the same time, I truly believe in my heart that my wish will come true. I feel the excitement I’ll have when I actually do get it. That’s very important.


You don’t actually need extra time for these three things. You can do it while you’re getting ready for work. To tell you the truth, it’s better using a manifestation program but it’s not imperative.

In My Opinion, It’s better to do something than nothing at all.


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