The following list is the TOP RATED Manifestation Products, Programs & Training on the market for 2020. Why are there so many programs out there? Like with everything else in life, not everyone likes the same thing.


The important thing is that you find a Manifestation Program that’s highly rated & one that you’ll enjoy. It’s also essential to find one that you’ll have time for.


The following is a summary of the programs (in Alphabetical Order) that either I’ve tried or someone I know has. Many of them offer FREE samples. Some even have quizzes you can take before you decide to buy.


Table Of Contents Fro Manifestation Portal


1. Brain Evolution
2. Hypnosis Network
3. Mind Movies
4. Mind Movies Matrix
5. MindZoom 3
6. Omharmonics
7. Ultimate Success Masterclass
8. Winning The Game Of Money





Brai EvThe Brain Evolution System or BrainEv is a World-Winning Audio Brain Entrainment Program.


It helps train your brain to function at its full capacity — something like that of a genius.


The Brain Evolution System contains only safe and proven, specially-crafted sounds, to synchronize your Brain Waves.


Brain Ev will help you To Dissolve all stress and tension, be able to relax on-demand, sharpen your thinking, get rid of negative baggage, boost your mood, improve brain power and enjoy less sleep but with more energy levels.


Time Needed For The Brain Evolution System: The time you’ll need for this program is 30 minutes a day. To listen to one of their demos, click the picture above.


To read my full detailed review of the Brain Evolution System, click Brain Evolution Review.






Hypnosis NetworkThe Hypnosis Network is an audio entrainment program. It uses Hypnosis to help transform your thoughts for maximum success.


If hypnosis makes you nervous, they’re all done by state-licensed mental health and medical professionals. You don’t lose consciousness or control of your mind.


Each audio will help you to remove whatever is preventing you from having success in a particular area of your life. The Hypnosis Network is probably the safest when it comes to hypnotherapy.


Time Needed For The Hypnosis Network: The time required for this program is approximately 15 minutes a day. They offer a free Demo. Just click the photo above.


For my Personal Review of the Hypnosis Network, click Hypnosis Network Review.






Mind Movies Virtual Vision BoardMind Movies is an online, audiovisual Vision Board.


There’s no doubt in my mind; it’s the best Virtual Vision Board on the market today. I use it every single day.


You show them what kind of life you want by choosing pictures, the law of attraction quotes & the type of music you prefer.


Mind Movies combines all the info you give them, embeds Brainwave Entrainment into it & produces a movie for you.


Time Needed For Mind Movies: This program takes about 3 minutes a day to do. If you want 6 FREE pre-made mind movies to try, click the photo above.


To get my Detailed Review of Mind Movies, click Mind Movie Review.





Mind Movies Matrix Free 30 Second QuizMind Movies Matix is an extension of Mind Movies. It was developed by Natalie Ledwell & Brain Entrainment expert, Morrie Zelcovitch.


The visualization movies in Mind Movie Matrix has over 1000 positive subliminal messages embedded into them. They also contain spoken Subliminals.


You don’t hear or see the subliminals when you watch the movie.


Time Needed For Mind Movies Matrix: This program takes 6 minutes. You watch 1 mind movie in the morning (3 min) & one at night (3 min).


There’s also 60-minute audio. For this one, you don’t need headsets. You can listen to it while you’re on your computer or even when you’re watching T.V. They also include a 30-minute sleep meditation audio to listen to as you go to sleep at night. Most people are asleep within 30 minutes.


Mind Movies Matrix has a fun 30-second quiz you can take to find out what’s sabotaging your wealth, abundance & success. Just click the picture above. To read my detailed review of Mind Movies Matrix, click MindMovies Matrix Review.




MindZoom ReviewMindZoom is an Audio Visual Manifestation Program that bypasses your Conscious Mind & sends your desires directly to your Subconscious while you’re on your computer.


It accomplishes this by using SSM (silent subliminal messaging) technology.


Their SSM technology flashes affirmations across your computer screen so that only your subconscious mind can see them. At the same time, it sends audio affirmations through your speakers. Once again, only your subconscious can hear them.


Time Needed For MindZoom: You don’t need any set amount of time for this program. You do have to remember to turn it on when you’re on your computer.


For my detailed, personal review of MindZoom 3, Click MindZoom Review.






Omharmonics is an audio meditation program developed by Mindvalley & World Class consciousness engineers.


This program was scientifically proven to eliminate the internal & external blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals. It also helps you to stay focused on your goal.


Time Needed For Omharmonics: Each track comes in a 15 minute & 30-minute version. Which one you use depends on how much spare time you have that day. If you’d like to try, click the picture above. It’s FREE.


To read the detailed review I did on Omharmonics click, Omharmonics Review.





ULtimate Success MasterclassThe Ultimate Success Masterclass is a twelve-week, step-by-step program to help you achieve the goal you pick in record-breaking time.


The program is interactive with video & audio training.


Natalie & Glen Ledwell are the co-founders of this program. They’re both known as the best Law Of Attraction Gurus in the world.


Time Needed For The Ultimate Success Masterclass: On average, it’ll take you about 30 minutes a day. Do you wonder what’s draining your motivation & ability to focus?  Take Natalie Ledwell’s quiz. Just click the picture above.


For my detailed review of the Ultimate Success Masterclass, click Ultimate Success Masterclass Reviews.






John Assaraf Winning The Game Of MoneyWinning The Game Of Money is a 12-week Step-By-Step course produced by John Assaraf & world-renowned scientists & experts.


This program was developed using evidence-based methodologies & technologies from the fields of Behavioral Psychology & Cognitive Neurosciences.


It’s one of the courses in John Assaraf’s NeuroGym. This program is for reprogramming and retraining your brain for Financial Success.


Time Needed For Winning The Game Of Money: The 1st day of the week you need about 1 hour. The other six days, depending on what level you’re at, you’ll need from 30-40 minutes a day.


Click, Winning The Game Of Money with John Assaraf, for my week by week review of it.



Advice From The Manifestation Portal


Please read over my detailed review of the manifestation program you would like to try before you purchase it. It’s essential you choose a program you think you’d enjoy.


MOST IMPORTANT: Even more important than the above is to make sure you’ll have time for it. I can’t stress this enough. It’s so vital that you follow the program every day and not just the days when you can manage to fit it in. Trust me — IT WILL NOT WORK — if you do that.


I’ve listed how much time you’ll need each day for every Law of Attraction Program that I’ve reviewed on his site. Once again. MAKE SURE you’ll have enough time, every day, to do the program.



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Thanks for stopping by the Manifestation Portal & taking a look at the Manifestation Products I’ve reviewed.


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