Winning The Game Of Money One Year Later

Results From Winning The Game Of Money




I can’t believe it’s been a year since I enrolled in Winning The Game Of Money.


For those who haven’t been following me on my year-long journey, I’ll leave the links to all 12 weeks at the end of this article. I explain what I had to do each week & what I liked & didn’t like about it.


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                            1. My Results After 1 Year

                            2. How Winning The Game Of Money Has Helped Me

                            3. Final Outcome And What’s Next

                            4. Who Shouldn’t Buy Winning The Game Of Money




A couple of things I had to do when I started, Winning The Game of Money, was to come up with an amount that I wanted to earn. I also had to come up with how long I was going to give myself to earn that amount of money. After that came the big WHY. Why was it so important that I get that amount? Okay, this is what I recorded in my journal.


I set my goal at $500,000.00 to be completed in a period of one year.


What was my reason for earning that amount? I had to quit work because of a spinal injury. I can no longer work at a regular job as I can’t sit in one spot for much more than a half-hour. I had some money saved up but not enough to last me 20 years until I would start receiving my pension checks.


The reason I picked $500,000 was to be able to buy a house & be able to support myself working from home. I didn’t want to spend years counting pennies & just scraping by on a disability check.


Now for the big question, how was I going to come up with a way of earning this money? The How I Was Going To Get the Money was probably harder for me to do than taking the course itself. Some of the people enrolled in the program had their own businesses. I really had next to nothing.


I’ll have to admit; I was getting a bit panicky. More than a month into the program, I still couldn’t think of a single thing to do to make extra money. I was beginning to think I had just wasted 1,000 dollars. I did have this website at the time, but it wasn’t making much money. It sure wasn’t enough to support myself on.


To cut the story short, I decided I would learn how to monetize my website. I did a lot of research & enrolled in yet another course teaching me how to set up a successful website. My plan was & still is to try different law-of-attraction programs & do a review on them.


I continued with Johns’s program, following his instructions exactly. So, did I earn the $500,000? No. Over the past year, I’ve been fixing up this website & I started a new one. Between both sites, I’m making enough money to live off of without having to use my savings.


I wasn’t able to get the house. Will I ever earn $500,000 or be able to buy the house I want? Yes. Over the next 12 months, I’ll be using the knowledge I gained from Winning The Game Of Money & working hard on my websites. By this time next year, I’m confident I’ll have my house.


If you’re interested in the program, click here.


Results After Using Winning The Game Of Money




The program has helped me in so many ways. I’ll just list them below. I’ll also give you My Outcome, What’s Next For Me & Who Should & Shouldn’t buy, Winning The Game Of Money.


John saved me a lot of time by telling me what works & what doesn’t & how to incorporate what works into my life
He not only helped me figure out what to get rid of in my life but how to do it & why
I was shown what to do when problems arise
John provided me with strategies on how to stop negative thoughts & overcome any fears
I was taught how to outsmart my brain for success
I was shown how to reprogram my mind using his 12 different Brain Retraining audios
John helped me increase my motivational level & to keep it running high
The program helped me to stop procrastination
I received a lot of tips on how to stay focused constantly
The course helped me evaluate the skills, strengths & weaknesses I have
I was taught how to set financial goals
I was given step by step instruction on how to get on the right path to financial success & how to accomplish each step
John taught me the right way to set up short & long term goals
I received extra steps to take to maximize my personal effectiveness
He provided me with his 5 pillars to financial success
The program taught me how to develop strategies, tactics & timelines for success
I was provided with 6 crucial elements to follow to ensure my money story was a success
I learned quite a bit with John being in his private Facebook group. Quite often he’s there giving short videos for more motivation, tips for success & to answer questions


FINAL OUTCOME: I went from not earning any money & just living off my savings account & disability to being able to support myself. Procrastination is a thing of the past for me now. I know how to stay highly focused & motivated. I know how to stay positive even when things aren’t quite going my way.


One thing that helped me stay on track was getting an accountability partner on John Assaraf’s private FaceBook group. When you have someone constantly checking in on you, you make sure you’re doing the work & not falling behind. You don’t have to have an accountability partner, but I would highly recommend it.


I know what steps to take to hit my 1, 3, 6 & 12-month goals. I can’t believe I actually wake up now & look forward to going to work (at home). It’s actually the first time in my life I have a job I love.


NOW, WHAT? Next week I’ll be writing up my 1,3,6 & 12-month plan to increase my income & get that house I wanted. I’ll be listening to John Assaraf’s Brain Entrainment audios 3 times a week. I’ll also be working hard on both of my websites. It’ll be a lot easier this time around because I’ll know just what to do.


Warning For Winning The Game Of Money




I’ll start by saying, this program is a lot of work. It’s you that has to come up with a way of earning the money you need. John doesn’t come up with a plan for you.


First of all, Winning The Game Of Money isn’t cheap. If it means you’re not going to be able to pay your bills or buy food, if you purchase the program, then please DON’T. I know a lot of companies say, “If you’re serious about improving your life, you’ll come up with the money.” Trust me; this is just a SALES TACTIC they use.


Save your money first. For me, it was either be late in paying my rent or don’t get the program. I saved up for 6 months & then purchased it. They do have payment plans, but you’ll end up paying a lot more for it.


You do have 30 days to ask for a refund if you don’t like it. 30 days isn’t long enough to know if it’s going to work for you or if you’ll have time for it. It took me over 30 days just to come up with something that I could do to earn more money.


Yes, I Would Highly Recommend Winning The Game Of Money. That’s if you can afford it & you have at least an hour a day to work on it. Actually, you need a hour for the program & then extra time to work on the different steps that John will give you to reach your goals. If you’re not going to put all the effort, you possibly can into it for a year, your chances of success will probably be reduced by quite a bit.


If you do decide to take the program, it’s well worth it. The year just flew by for me. Trust me; you’re kept busy. I’m definitely thankful I took it. Actually, I wish I had enrolled in it years ago. That’s if it was around years ago.


Whatever your decision is, I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST in life. Walk tall & always keep your head held high. You’re a terrific person.


Winning the Game Of Money Brain-A-Thon


For the people who haven’t been following my journey, if you’re interested in what I liked & didn’t like for each week of the program, I’ll leave the links below. I also give a detailed review of what I had to do for each of those 12 levels.


Week 1-4 of Winning The Game Of Money

Week 5-8 of Winning The Game Of Money

Week 9-12 of Winning The Game Of Money


It’ll give you a good idea if it’s something you’ll have time for.


I Know You Can Do it. You Know You Can Do It Too.



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If you have any questions about my results or the program itself, leave them below. I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.


Thank you ever so much for following me on my year-long journey of Winning The Game Of Money.




14 thoughts on “Winning The Game Of Money One Year Later

  1. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my experience taking Winning The Game Of Money. I also had my doubts when I first started. I actually thought I had wasted my money. I’m sure glad I didn’t quit. My advice to you is stick with it. It’s well worth the end results. With some people it takes longer. I was one of them.
    All the best to you Robert.

  2. Thanks for telling us your experience with the WTGOM, I myself bought winning the game of fear and I had mixed results but i repeated it like 5 times in this year and i think finally some things withing my mind are changing but i was startig to doubt john arasaff reputation and i thought that maybe it was a scam but reading your positive experience gave me hope. thanks a lot again for sharing, god bless you :D

  3. Hi Steve.

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’ll have to agree with you when it comes to the price. It is a lot of money. I was a bit confused when you mentioned that it was a lot of money for just providing me with the ability to take the initiative to move forward. You also stated that that program was just, more or less, a kick in the butt to get me to move on with my plans with the bonus of an accountability partner.

    I’m guessing that you just read the part I wrote about, “Final Outcome.” If you have time, read the 18 points I listed under the title, “How Winning The Game Of Money Has Helped Me.” It’s just above, final income.

    How things were in my life until now, I’ve learned a lot from this program. Winning The Game Of Money has been a great benefit to me, so it was worth the money. I did follow the program step by step not skipping anything. For the people who invest in programs & don’t follow instructions from beginning to end then I wouldn’t recommend paying this much.

    I hope this answers your question.

  4. so basically , you could have achieved everything the program says it provides for you , on your own
    You just had to take initiative
    The only thing i see this program supplied you with was someone who “kicked you in the behind” to move on with your plans (to accountability partner) while this is good , its hardly worth 900$ or more
    Thanks for the review

  5. Hi Sandra,
    When I purchased, Winning The Game Of Money, I paid around $1000 for it. I’m surprised that you mentioned $1495. I’m guessing you’re right & it is just a marketing thing many companies use. I haven’t purchased, Having It All, so I can’t give you any advice on it. Towards the end of this year, I’ll probably purchase the program & do a review on it. Right now, I want to review a few cheaper programs & see if they are just as good as a more expensive one. Whatever you decide to do, may success be yours.

  6. Hi!
    Thanx for your detailed An honest review. I would love to buy this program but they have a special offer going on. The whole program for 997 dollar instead of 1495. So i’m not sure if its only marketing or not. A Aquitance bought the program 2 years ago for 700 dollar. Did you do the Having it all program as well? And if so, whats your opinion on that program?
    Love to hear from you.



  7. I was watching this month’s Brain Awareness Week and decided to Google any reviews of Winning the Game of Money and found your play by play description from 8-2016. Very interesting and great to see all the details. Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks for your comment, Lilly. I’m glad to hear you’ll save up first. It was nice of you to suggest I come up with my own program at a much lower price. Maybe someday I will. Right now, I just want this website to be about other Manifestation Programs out there. I’m trying to review ones at all different price ranges. That way I can include everyone, not just the ones who have a lot of money to begin with. All the very best to you in whatever you decide to do.

  9. Hi!
    I just want to send my sincere thanks to you for providing your so honest review of Winning The Game of money, pros and cons.

    Today I’ve been watching the Brain-a-Thon (I watched it before as well) but after considering everything, including your review I’ve decided against investing In it, at least not at this time. Like you did, I will need to save too.

    A concern I have is the safety of this type of program for cardiovascular patients or those with neurological issues. A friend of mine enrolled some years ago but got the money refunded after discovering a warning like that. So that’s concerning to me too.

    A good friend of mine recommended I purchase Carl Harvey’s Abundance Blueprint instead, and gave a very good review. I may do that. :)

    Considering your progress and the skills/knowledge you now have, may I suggest you consider producing your own program? :) One that’s more cost effective for those of us who don’t have $1000 laying around at our disposal! Just a suggestion mind you but I was also thinking it could become another income stream for you. Don’t know why I’m suggesting this but I felt impressed to do so! Ha!

    Well this post got a bit longer than intended but thanks again for your review and I wish you all the very best.

  10. Hi, Dorota,

    I do remember you. The last time I talked to you, you just had surgery on your hand. You also mentioned that your father introduced you to the LOA many years ago.

    WoW, you just have one success story after another. That is so good to hear. I was so happy to hear you got a grand piano for free. I just love piano music. I totally agree with your statement, “we always get what we want if we just know for granted it is already there for us.” I think taking for granted that I already have something, was about the hardest thing for me to learn how to do. That along with having patience.

    I do have a question for you. I’m just curious to know why you’re thinking about spending $1,000 on a course when you find it so easy to manifest something into your life? For me it was different. I had such a problem with procrastination, staying focused & many other things. I did learn a lot from the program so for me it was worth the money.

    All the best to you, Dorota. Keep up the good work at manifesting your dreams.

  11. Hi :)…my name is Dorota.

    We have met before…through your website – you might not remember me :)….Today I attended Brain-A-Thon again and started thinking about buying it. Anyways, I came here to find out about your success story :).

    I am really happy you have some achievements in your life. I was curious if you got the house of your dreams…too bad you didn’t…but what I like about you, or more about what you said, is that you know you gonna to …:)…love the attitude of yours :) …and I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, all the best in all areas of your life!!

    I think I am going to buy it this time….still hesitate a bit….don’t know why (besides that I TEMPORARILY don’t have lots of money and have a fear of quitting before I achieve anything…hahhahha … ).

    I still experiment with LOA…. Winter time I talked over the skype with one of Bob Proctor’s coaches (his former student). At some point, when we discussed what people in general want, how they get it, struggle with, limiting believes, etc., he said why not to ask the universe for it for free???…. and now I had opportunity to practice that:)…but I didn’t realize that until a few days ago :).

    Here comes the story (I promise I make it short): All of the sudden I decided to learn how to play the piano. I got the piano of kijiji – Canadian buy & sell website. I was very happy, hired people to deliver it to my house, found a teacher in the middle of the summer which wasn’t very easy and started learning how to play piano. Loved it and still love it!!!!…but….now I wanted the grand piano. From what I remember, I was standing in the middle of the house. I remember being happy at that moment without particular reason and I had a thought: Wouldn’t be nice to have a grand piano and somehow to get it for free?? I didn’t laugh at myself, I didn’t try to figure it out how to get money to buy it, how silly the idea was knowing that I didn’t have any extra money to buy it, nothing…just had that thought of having it and at the same time I knew it was possible…and that was it. Now, to make the long story short: in the middle of my living room there is a beautiful grand piano in excellent condition that I got for free from a lady that I have never met before. Pretty amazing :).

    This story is just a fracture of good things that happen to me “on demand”. I experience that kind of situation all the time and I am not talking about getting things for free but about all kinds of our dreams, goals, expectations, and achievements.

    My point is: we always get what we want if we just know for granted it is already there for us. That doesn’t mean we sit down on our sofas and wait for it ….action is required ….hhahhhaha…..even with my grand piano, there was a bit of an action – I didn’t sit on my sofa and waited for it, the lady wouldn’t know I wanted :)…

    Have a good night. I make sure I have your website in my favorites so I can find it easily next time :).


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