Manifestation With NeuroGym by John Assaraf


Manifestation With NeuroGym by John AssarafWINNING THE GAME OF MONEY – NEUROGYM


One of the programs in NeuroGym is called Winning The Game of Money.


Follow along with me on my 12-week journey of, Manifestation using John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money.


I’ll be keeping a week-by-week journal for all 12 weeks.  If you check back each week, you’ll get my honest review.  It’ll include the good & the bad.


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1.  What Is Winning The Game Of Money?
2.  Winning The Game Of Money Week 1 Review
3.  Winning The Game Of Money Week 2 Review
4.  Winning The Game Of Money Week 3 Review
5.  Winning The Game Of Money Week 4 Review




Winning The Game of Money is just one of the programs offered in Neurogym.


It’s a twelve-week course that retrains your mind & rewires your brain to become financially successful.  The course consists of 12 levels (you do one per week).  Each level consists of a video, done by John Assaraf.  In it he gives advice & why what he’s suggesting will work.  He also goes on to tell you what to do or not to do during the week. He provides you with a different brain retraining audio in each level.  Because NeuroGym has a private Facebook group for its members, you can talk with others taking the course.  If you have any question, you can ask them there.


Level One Of Winning The Game Of Money



You start by watching & listening to what John calls the Knowledge & Skills Video. He has a new video at the beginning of each level. The video was 25:55 minutes long.  It was an introductory to the course with a lot of really good advice.  During the Video, he asks 2 different question which you have to answer in your journal (only you can see what’s written in your journal).


Most of the video was on how & why to set your financial goals.  He also warns you about the challenges you’ll come up against during the week.


You’re required to listen to his audio once a day to retrain your brain.  You have to listen to this audio every day for all 7 days.  The length of the audio was 31:51 minutes long.  John calls these audio sessions, innercising or innercises. You can listen to it more than once a day if you want.  Besides from that, you’re required to read over what you wrote in your journal every day.


GOOD POINTS:  In the knowledge & skills video, John gave a lot of really good advice.  He didn’t just give advice & leave it at that.  He told you what works & doesn’t work & why.  He also explained how to incorporate it into your life.


What I liked was that he informed you of the challenges you would probably face during the week.  Once again, he didn’t just leave it at that.  He tells you what to do if or when problems start occurring.  I’ll have to admit, what he warned me about did happen.  At least I knew how to successfully put a stop to it.


BAD POINTS: The first day was a bit long for me (because of health conditions I usually can’t sit for more than a half hour at a time).  Because of that, I did the Video in the afternoon & the audio later on in the evening.  There’s a slight humming in the background that irritated me a bit.  After a couple of days, I guess I got used to it because I really didn’t hear it anymore.




Winning The Game Of Money Review

I did everything he said to do for 7 days.  I’ll have to admit, I didn’t start procrastinating half way through or miss a day as he had warned me about.  I had no problems overcoming my usual excuses like, I just don’t have time today.


Other than that, I really can’t say I feel any different or that I thought of a great way to increase my income.  I don’t understand why I didn’t receive large sums of unexpected money in the mail (just kidding).


John Assaraf has a really calming voice.  Thank goodness for that.  I’ve quit a few programs because the voice giving the guided meditation was so annoying.  I found on stressful days, John’s voice in the meditation audio really helped me to calm down, relax & focus.


John did mention that some people take longer than others to see results.  That’s it for this week.  See you at the end of next week.  Have a great week.


Level Two Of Winning The Game Of MoneyWINNING THE GAME OF MONEY – Level 2 Review


Level 2 – Attracting Wealth (our money story part 1)

Knowledge & Skills Video –  38 minutes in length

Brain Retraining Audio: 40 minutes

Total Time Required:  1st day:  1 hour & 18 minutes.  Rest of the week:  40 minutes a day.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO:  During the video, John had 3 questions for you to answer in your journal.  The answers to these questions were to help you to keep focused on what your want to manifest into your life.


Mr. Assaraf talked about how we subconsciously make our own money story.  He talked about how this, subconscious money story, prevents us from getting ahead in life.  He also talked about the importance of outsmarting your brain.  John went on to discuss how & why it’s possible to reprogram our minds & rewire our brain to recreate wealth & success.




  1. Watch the Knowledge & Skills video
  2. Listen to the audio every day
  3. Spend a few minutes each day focusing on your financial future & what you want to manifest (this was part of the 3 questions you had to answer)


BONUS PART 1:  The bonus you received with level 2 was a video on, Stock Market Strategies, with Phil Town.  I wasn’t impressed with getting this as a bonus.  Most of the people taking, winning the game of money, don’t have a lot of money never mind money to invest in the stock market.  Phil’s main point was to buy a stock when the market was low & sell when it was high.  To me, that’s just common sense.  He strongly suggested not to go through a stock broker but to do it yourself.


BONUS PART 2:  In part 2 by Phil Town, he does have some excellent investing strategies.  To learn how it’s actually done, he invites you to a seminar he’s giving in Georgia.  NeuroGym students get in free.  For the people who have extra money to invest & can afford to go to Georgia, it’s sounds pretty good.  Sorry, but I guess I just wasn’t impressed with this bonus either.  To me, a bonus is something I can use right now that will help me in some way.  Also, to me, a bonus isn’t something that will cost me more money.


WHAT I THINK – Level 2


WINNING THE GAME OF MONEY REVIEW 2I did everything I was told to do for all 7 days.  At the end of this week I’ve noticed that the Brain Retraining has helped me to:


  • Put A Stop To The Excuses That I Like To Come Up With (like I’m just too busy to work on it today)
  • Increased My Motivational Level & Kept Me Motivated
  • Helped Me To Stay Focused.  I usually get bored easily & my mind wanders off (big time waster)
  • Stopped Procrastinating about everything (trust me, I mean most things)


WARNING If you have problems sleeping at night, don’t listen to the audio before you go to bed.  I very seldom have problems sleeping but I did when I listened to the audio just before I went to bed.


The things that John Assaraf tells you to do each week has helped.  I’ve tried them & they do work.  I like that he doesn’t just tell you what to do during the week, he also shows you scientific proof that it works.  The only other thing I can say is, I wasn’t impressed with the bonus that was unlocked. I know, I’ve said it two other times before.

Ok, that’s the end of what I think of Level 2.  I’ll see you at the end of next week.


NeuroGym by John Assaraf

Winning The Game Of Money Level 3 Review



Level 3 – Tenacity & Resolve (our money story part 2)

Knowledge & Skills video24:06 minutes

Audio Brain Retraining – 39:57 in length

Total Time Needed:  1st day – 1 hour & 4 minutes.  The rest of the week – 40 minutes a day.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO:  John Assaraf gives you his 4 principals to changing your money story.  He explained how following each of these principals is going to help improve your life.  He also went on to give you real life experiences to prove it.




  1. Watch the Knowledge & Skills video
  2. Listen to the Innercise Audio
  3. Spend the week rehearsing how you would feel & act if you were already earning the amount of income that you want to eventually earn.  Pay attention to the things you’re doing & thinking that would prevent you from accomplishing this.


BONUS – In Level 3 another bonus is unlocked.  It’s Our Money Stories by David Krueger. It’s 20 pages in length.  With the huge type that’s used, it could have  probably been condensed down to 5.  It’s about the Neuro Science of what causes us to make Good & Bad Decisions.


I’m sorry but this is another bonus I was disappointed in.  In all fairness to Mr. Krueger, he does provide you with a lot of scientific reasons why we think the way we do.  He explained why we overspend, over-borrow, overeat & have addictive habits.  I’ll have to admit, it was interesting.  He does give you a couple of good remedies to stop purchasing things you don’t need.  I’m sure most people would know this.  To me, it was just common sense.




winning the game of money 3Once again, I managed to do everything that I was told to do for the entire 7 days.


I’d like to comment on John Assaraf’s Private Facebook group.  If you go through the program, do join the group.


Quite often he has a video giving you extra tips & encouragement.  Both him & his team are on Facebook, every day, answering questions & giving advice.  I was really impressed with that.


I did enjoy the Knowledge & Skills video.  I was surprised at how much I learned.  It really helps when he gives examples to prove his points.


John Assaraf provides you with 4 principals to follow to assist you in getting on the right path to financial success.  He also gave really good instructions on how to accomplish each one.  John also discussed what to get rid of in your life, why & how.  There were a couple of things that I had to work on this week to get rid of.


As for the audio, that’s a different story.  To be honest, I’m finding it hard to find 40 minutes a day, where I won’t be interrupted, to listen to the audio.  If you decide to take the course, make sure you find the time.  Up to now, I’ve really noticed a difference listening to the audios.  After I listen to them, I seem to get highly focused & motivated.  I’m really surprised at how much more I’m accomplishing each day. A big increase from what I usually accomplish in a day.


That’s it for week 3.  Another 7 weeks to go.  I’m really looking forward to the end results.


winning the game of money level 4



Level 4:  Increasing Wealth Feelings

Knowledge & Skills Video:  38 minutes

Audio Brain Retraining: 30 minutes

Total Time Needed:  1 hour & 8 minutes the 1st day & 30 minutes a day for 6 days.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS VIDEO:  This video was on how to get rid of negative thoughts & self doubt.  It was also on how to get rid of our fears or anything else that’s holding us back financially  John talked about the importance of deeply emotionalizing the feelings of earning and having more money in your life.  He did give you scientific proof of why & how this works.


Most of the video is done by Mark Waldman.  He’s John Assaraf’s Resident Neuro Coach.  Mr. Waldman is also a leading & world renowned Nero Science Researcher. Mr Waldman gives you 6 strategies to put an end to negative thoughts & feelings.  These strategies will also help you to overcome your fears or anything else that holds you back financially.  Practicing these 6 strategies are supposed to help you attract money & circumstances that will bring more money into your life.  Mark had you write a few things down in your journal that you can look back on over the week.




  1. Watch the Knowledge & Skills video.  Write down 3-4 things out of the 6 proven strategies to stop negative thoughts & feelings.
  2. Listen to the Innercise Audio every day.  As you’re listening, observe the negative thoughts & feelings you’re having.  Use one of Mark Waldman’s 6 proven strategies to stop them.
  3. Participate in the NeuroGyms’ Achiever’s Community on Facebook (If you want to.  It’s not mandatory)




Once again, I stuck with the program all 7 days.  I’ve now finished a third of the course.  My main reason for purchasing this program was to see if my finances would really increase like John Assaraf promised.  So far I haven’t seen any increases what-so-ever.


Will I quit?  Absolutely not.  Like I constantly say throughout my website, people quit just before they see success.  I’ll do all 12 weeks.  I’ll do everything I’m told to do. To be honest, I’ll be really disappointed if this doesn’t work after all the great ratings I’ve read about John Assaraf & his programs.


Now for the videos this week.  Like with the rest of the videos, John was really good at explaining what to do & backed it up with scientific explanations.  Believe it or not, it was really quite interesting.  Mark Waldman’s talk was just as interesting.


As for the strategies, I know I tend to be overly critical at times. These 6 strategies were to put a stop to negative thinking, self doubt, all types of fear, or anything else that prevents you from being financially successful.  3 of the strategies didn’t work for me.  I’m not saying they won’t work for you either.  You might like them more than the ones I liked.  3 of them did work wonders for me.  Actually, I’ve never heard of most of them.  I’ll continue to use them if any self doubt or negative thoughts pop up.


I’m going to be splitting this Review into 3 parts so these articles don’t get too long.  To get Week 5 of, Winning The Game of Money, click the link below.





NeuroGym Winning The Game Of Money



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If you have any questions about levels 1-4 of Winning The Game of Money, please leave the question below.  If you’re taking the program, please gives us your likes & dislikes.


Thanks for taking the time to read my review on, Manifestation With Neurogym by John Assaraf.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    It’s so nice to meet someone from Barcelona. Thank you for your interest. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I started, Winning The Game Of Money. My last goal was to be able to purchase the house I wanted by August 5, 2018. I was successful, but I still haven’t purchased the house. I’m deciding on whether to stay in the same city or move someplace else. Could I have done it without the program? I would doubt it very much. My biggest problem is staying focused & motivated. As soon as I lose that, procrastination sets in for me.

    For the people who don’t have a problem with staying focused & motivated, I’m sure they could do it without, Winning The Game Of Money.

    Yes, it’s pretty easy to fall back into old habits. I did try to experiment by not doing the program for a couple of weeks. I’ll have to admit that I was starting to procrastinate again. Being able to focus on my goal definitely decreased by quite a bit, so I went back to using the program 5 times a week. About a month ago, I tried just doing the program 3 times a week. That seemed to be fine. Brainwave Entrainment helps me quite a bit. I guess listening to the audio 3 times a week to accomplish my goal isn’t going to kill me.

    I just started a new program. As soon as I’ve completed about 6 months, I’ll start a review on it. I was looking for a program with Brainwave Entrainment that doesn’t require so much time each day. Not everyone has at least 40 minutes a day where they won’t have any interruptions. I was also looking for a program that’s much, much, cheaper because not everyone has $1,000 to spend.

    All the best to you, Angela. May success always follow you.

  2. Thank you for creating this blog and the valuable feedback you are sharing with the world about this programme.
    I would like to know how you are doing today May 2018, and how you value this programme almost 2 years later. Has your life just improved the first few months and fallen back into old habits (as I tent to do myself), or have you truly made a permanent or profound shift?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Angela. Greetings from Barcelona

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