Glen LedwellGlen Ledwell, who helped build the company, Mind Movies, has only had one boss in his lifetime.  That boss has always been himself.  His first business was started at the age of 17.


From the age of 17 until now he has a long list of accomplishments.

His list of accomplishments are:


  Spent five years as the owner of several coffee franchises developing hugely successful advertising campaigns for them.
  Owned and ran a nightclub
  Was the director of a development company
  Started the first in-bathroom advertising entity
  Speaks at on-line seminars


Glen’s passion is Self Development and marketing.  He is now the director of the company, Mind Movies.


Glen Ledwell has helped to develop 3 main Programs to help you manifest your dream life.  If you click on the links below, you’ll get my detailed review of the programs.


  Mind Movies
  Mind Movies Matrix
  Ultimate Success Masterclass


With Glen’s expertise and the knowledge of his partner, Natalie Ledwell, you know any program in the Mind Movies company has got to be good.

Updated: October 21, 2017 — 4:13 pm
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