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  1. Hi Anita,
    Sorry to hear about the $47 charge. It’s actually John Assaraf from Neurogym that owns the company and takes all payments. Please contact him at one of the following:

    Client Care Team:
    (858) 227-4971

    They will be able to straighten things out for you.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I have a charge for $47 to my card. I am disputing with my bank. I did not sign up for.

    Please process refund back to my card and let me know once completed.

    I will be in contact with my bank

  3. If you do decide to take the Matrix, I strongly suggest to give Natalie Ledwell a call. I’m sure you’re not the only person who has this problem. I’m also sure she could tell you what’s causing it. She sure has helped me a lot when I started.

    May success follow you wherever you go.

  4. Your site is so helpful, Night. I’m glad I found it. I also very much appreciate your honesty. You’re the first person who’s talked about those sales tactics and it’s true, many salespeople will often say, if you really really want it, your subconscious will find a way to manifest the money for you. Being jobless, once I told a salesperson I couldn’t afford their programme unless I paid for it with grocery money. The salesperson said, Don’t worry, if you really want it and buy the programme with the grocery money your subconscious will find a way to manifest the money you need to eat this month. I really believed them, because I believed what they said about the LOA and my subconscious so I got the programme (can’t remember what programme it was now) and guess what? I DIDN’T manifest the money I needed for groceries that month. That month we ended up going to the soup kitchen which is not something you EVER want to do as a single mother with 2 little kids, because there are a lot of drunks and drug addicts there. At that point I realized my subconscious would rather let me starve to death rather than allow me to earn any money at all. I have also realized, people LOVE what I do, they’re just not willing to PAY me for what I do and I get countless requests to work for free. Since I’m such a sucker I always give in and work for free, and then I don’t have any time left to look for a job. Which seems to be a rather pointless activity anyways (looking for a job), because I never find a job, I only seem to attract people who want me to work for free and who are delighted with my work…… but only if I offer it for free. I’m sure that must have something to do with why I can’t find a job and manifest any abundance in my life, but I’m not sure how to get rid of this block. Affirmations don’t work, I always just end up arguing with myself. Well sorry about going on about my life story, just wanted to tell you what a great site you’ve got, and that you’ve got a lot of gumption and integrity to actually go out and try all those programmes before writing about them. Oh and btw my main problem isn’t being a procrastinator, I never stop doing things, my main problem seems to be that I’m always doing things for free, I spend my whole day doing things for other people for free, I volunteer at about 100 different places, work for free for people who tell me they can’t afford to pay me and I just haven’t got the heart to charge them etc. I hate myself for being such a doormat but I just don’t know how to stop, I feel SOOOOOO guilty when I try to ask people to pay me and it’s just like some sort of compulsion that I HAVE TO offer my products and services for free. Well hopefully one of the programmes that you write about on this site will help me to get over this problem.

  5. Hello Night

    Could you please provide me with a bit of advice from your experience.
    Firstly thanks for the reviews, and detailed accounts, I think they are great resource for anyone trying to help themselves and learn how to work towards manifesting the things they’d like in their life.

    But could I ask.
    1 Which course did you do first, Brain EV or WTGOM?
    2 Which would you say, a person should do 1st?

    I have purchased Brain Ev and am almost half way through the 1st month. But I also watched the Brain-A-thon with John and though about purchasing WTGOM. However in the information for Brain EV it says not to listen to another type of brain entrainment at the same time as those on this course.
    So i thought I would email you just to see what you thought.

    Also, do you find it a lot putting all of these type of technologies into your brain, mind, psychy at the same time. Is there not a case for overload?

    Thank you for your assistance in advance and i look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards Sea

  6. I did check out the link you provided me. Because I’ve already been through John Assaraf’s, Winning The Game Of Money myself, I know he isn’t lying about his program. It has helped me a great deal & still is. According to the comments on his private Facebook group, his program has helped a lot of people. I guess all I have to say is, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  7. One last question Night,

    There is a woman (Sophie Benshitta Maven) who claimed to measure people’s vibration. She proposed some thought about John and other people and claimed their vibrations are low which means they generally lie about their products. Do you have any thought or idea about this issue?


  8. Thank you so much Night!

    Actually I am glad to hear you recommended John’s program. I needed a third party approval. I will stick with it.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Muse,

    Definitely, don’t try to use all the programs on my site. They’re good programs that either a close friend of mine or I have tried, but my reviews are to let people know what’s involved before they purchase one. Everyone is different. Not everyone has 45 minutes a day to do a program like Winning The Game Of Money. Some people don’t want step-by-step instruction. In that case, there’s no point in paying for a program that offers it.

    As for John Assaraf, he sends the offer to purchase other programs like Winning The Game Of Fear, to everyone. I know what you mean about it being annoying. I just unsubscribed. Actually, the other manifestation programs I’ve reviewed so far do the same thing. I’ve unsubscribed to them too. If I want to review another program, I can always go to their website.

    My advice to you would be, stick with Winning The Game of Money. You’ve already paid for it. I’m not sure how long you’ve been on the program but changing your mindset takes a lot longer than a couple of months. Maybe I should say it took me a lot longer than a couple of months. You might be different. If you’re still having problems, definitely talk to John about it or at least contact their office. They’re great at giving advice. When I purchased the program, I remember them saying if I had any problems to contact them. I only phoned once, but they did help me. You can even post on John’s private FaceBook group asking people for suggestions.

    Don’t get discouraged. It’s a lot of hard work. You have to write down what your goal is, the steps you’re going to take to get there & do something every day. I’d give it a good year. I came a long way in a year’s time. If you’re having problems keeping motivated & focused, Mind Movies is great. It also helps with changing your mindset and training your subconscious mind. Natalie (mind movies) gives away free mind movies to try. I still do the mind movie I made twice a day. That’s because it just takes me 3 minutes & I need a little extra help staying focused & motivated. I make a new one for every goal I set.If you’re thinking about it, try the free one first. It’ll give you a good idea if something like that would help you. There’s no point in adding to what you’re already doing or spending more money if it’s not going to help.

    You asked me to choose the one product that would be most beneficial. I know it’s not going to be what you want to hear but for me, I’d have to say it was, Winning The Game Of Money. Please give John’s office a call.

    All the best to you. May success always be yours.

  10. Thank you for taking time to answer Night. I appreciate your comments. You have also mentioned other 5-6 programs (mindmovies etc..) and I read all of them. As far as, I see everyone of them promises good things, but I can not and do not want to spend time on each of them. I currently bought the John’s Winning the Game of the Money, but even they still try to sell their other stuff (Winning the Game of Fear etc..) while I currently use their program and that really makes me annoyed and impact my trust toward them. I do not want to spend a fortune for a variety of programs that may take my precious time. At the same time I really want to believe changing my mindset and subconscious mind. Could you please help me choose ONLY ONE product that can be the most beneficial? As an expert, I think you are one of the rarest person who can give advice.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Muse, thanks for your question.

    Winning The Game Of Money has helped me & it’s still helping me. I won’t just leave it at that, I’ll tell you how. Every time I set a new goal, I go through all of the steps I’ve learned from start to finish. Keep in mind, once you hit a major goal, it’s a lot easier to accomplish another one, as you already know what to do.

    There are 2 things that are still helping me. The 1st is John’s Innercise audios. They really help me stay focused & motivated. The 2nd is Neurogym’s private Facebook group. John Assaraf is constantly in there giving short motivational videos. He gives his members tips & tricks for success. He also talks about how to overcome different problems people are facing. If you need help with anything, you’ll get an answer there. They put out a monthly calendar that informs you of what’s going on. For example, on the 4th of this month, they had Dr. Shelley Carson talking about, Mastering Your Mindset. Then on the 19th, Mark Wadlman (one of the top neuroscience researchers in the world) went live. There’s usually something most days. If you’re having problems staying on track, they’ll help you find an accountability partner.

    There’s also the vault. It contains well know professional people with things like how they overcome problems in their life & what they do to stay successful. There are all sorts of tips & tricks there.

    If you constantly keep your mind on your goal & do a bit each day, you will reach your goal. The hard part is keeping motivated which Winning The Game of Money has done for me & still is.

  12. Hi Night,

    After 1 more year of winning the game of money by john assaraf, can I get your opinion still? Have this program helped you so far?

    Thank you!

  13. Thanks for your comment. I’ll be finishing my review this coming week. I’ll give you the Good & Bad now so you don’t have to wait. I’ll start with the good. The brain entrainment sessions you do every day are excellent. They’ve definitely helped me put a stop to my procrastination once & for all. They’ve also helped me to stay highly focused & motivated on the money goals that John Assaraf had me set. I really do have a problem when it comes to staying focused & setting goals.

    To be honest, when I started this program I thought I would listen to the audio once a day & my income would at lease double in 90 days. I’m not sure where I got that bright idea from. Well, it didn’t happen. I’ve made some pretty steep money goals & what I’m going to buy with that money. I set my goal date for August 2017. He has you set a goal date. In August I’ll be giving a full detail of what my money goals were, what I did to accomplish them & what my outcome was. Until then, I’ll be using Winning The Game Of Money at least 6 days a week.

    John’s one-on-one coaching is his private face book group. He’s on there every day answering questions & giving short motivational speeches using video. He also has his team answering questions too. As much as I don’t like FaceBook, he does have a good comunity of people there. I guess it’s kind of interesting seeing what others are doing to accomplish their money goals. They also give you encouragement & suggestions if you need help with something. John does do an excellent job at staying in touch with his students. They even have a number you can phone if you need more help.

    The Not So Good: If you are thinking about purchasing this program, you need at least a hour a day 7 days a week. If you miss a day, I’m sure it wouldn’t matter but no more than a day. There’s a lot of work that you have to do on this program. I just like to warn people so that they know what they’re getting into. The course is a lot of money & if you can’t spare a hour a day, I’ll have to recommend not getting it.

    You only have 30 days for a full refund. To me, 30 days isn’t enough time to know if it’s going to work for you or not. Just so that you know, it’s you that has to come up with a way of how you’re going to increase your finances. He does help you with suggestions. He also helps you set up a yearly step-by-step plan on how you’re going to accomplish your money goal. So far it’s made some pretty good improvements in my life but that doesn’t mean it’ll have the same effect for you. Some days it’s really hard for me to find a spare hour. Also, if the amount of this course is going to put you in more debt or end up taking food off your table, don’t get it. If you’re the type of person that has no problems setting goals, writing out a plan of how you’re going to accomplish it & staying focused & highly motivated, there are other brain entrainment programs that are cheaper & work just as well. You just don’t get step-by-step instructions like you do in Winning The Game of Money & the coaching on Facebook. I truly believe that Brain Entrainment or training your subconscious mind does work. It’s helped me time & time again in other areas of my life.

    In my opinion only, the bonuses were nice but they weren’t worth what he said they were if you were to purchase them. Most of them were of no use to me. It’s a good thing they were free. Quite a few people on Facebook thought they were great. Maybe it’s just me that didn’t think so.

    If you’re going to purchase, Winning The Game of Money, stick with it every day & Im sure success will be yours. If the cost of it is a problem, read over my other articles on this site. If you’re a highly motivated person, it is possible for you to Do It Yourself. The cost is so high because of all the brain research John does. Also, he has a lot of staff helping him with his students.

    To answer your final question, was it worth the $1,000 that I paid for it? I’d have to say, yes. There’s a lot of garbage on the internet. I know because I’ve bought a lot of that garbage. I’ve always believed in training your subconscous mind to get what you want in a lot less time. The problem is to find someone that has a good quality program & an excellent reputation. I found that in the program, Winning The Game Of Money by John Assaraf. I did learn quite a bit that I didn’t know before & it has made improvements in my life so far.

    I hope this has helped. All the best to you in what ever decision you make.

  14. Hi,
    I’ve read your 12 week journal on “Winning The Game Of Money”. Thanks for the summary and review of what you liked and what you didn’t.

    I was not able to find any post course comments. Now that you’ve finished the course, what do you think. Was it worth it? How has the course helped you?

    I’ve been thinking of taking the course but I find the price a little steep. So, I’d like to hear your post course comments.


  15. Thanks, Kinda for the kind comments. I think for years my #1 character trait was being a procrastinator. No more though. Hopefully I can help you and many others as it’s done wonders in my life. It’s also a lot of fun to write about the things I’m passionate about & that have worked for me. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Wow, I love your Website! Not to mention, I love the color of blue. You have great information, knolwedge, profesionalism and insight to the Law of Attraction. I have The Secret and have 4 of there books. I have only read two of them, so far but reading information on your website has given me motivation to read the other two. I also want to go thru everything here. I am a procastinater and really need to stop being that way. I beleive your website could be the answer.

    I will be back to ready much, much more.

    Thank you for helping all the people out there that needs this motivation for the Law of Attraction.

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